Zavita Review – What’s All the Hype About?

Zavita is a business that got started in 2007 and it has been stirring up a buzz ever since. The entrepreneurs behind this business are Nigel Branson and Lee Causey. And there business is stationed in Dallas, Texas. Lee Causey has 38 years of direct sales experience and developed over 300 nutritional, wellness products. Nigel Branson has served in First Fitness for more than 18 years which shows he has extensive experience in business.

The website explains that their products are mostly for health and wellness, strengthening of the immune system, reduction in pain and joint inflammation, and increased longevity. So, this new super juice appears to claim benefits of more than just feeling better and has a wide array of health benefits.

The Product Seems Great But How Do You Get Paid From Them?

As a Zavita independent distributor you will indefinitely have to interested in there energy drink. Their drink consist of Catuaba,Cat’s Claw and etc. These recipe of ingredients is said to have come from the tribal healers of the Amazon. There compensation plan is known as the unilevel plan. There’s about several ways to earn a income with Zavita. There are uni level bonus, generation infinity bonus, retail sales, fast start bonuses, team commissions, executive check matching, and multiple business centers bonus, and last but not least the luxury car program.

By the looks of things, Zavita looks to be a legitimate business, With a juice product to boot. The hype about this business is astounding and if your thinking about join then your making wise decision. One of the misconceptions of all this is that you might say that Zavita is a pyramid scheme. Which is not. In every MLM business someone will fail miserably and at times they will blame the business. In order for you to become successful in this industry Its going to take effort from everyone just like a major corporation to grow. Its a great thing to be able to have residual income but you also need to learn how to market effectively to recruit like minded prospects.

Your success in Zavita depends on how the distributors market there products and business opportunity. If you’re going to go door to door to market this product, Then you might as well quit now because you’re saving yourself from months and months of depression and anxiety. You have to empower yourself and learn how to actually market your opportunity online to get in front of thousands of people. Intervening the Internet and using it in your business to reach endless amounts of prospects is going to be the best and the quickest way to get where you want to go and is business.

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