You Are Never Too Old To Learn

Learning is a process of active engagement with experience. We learn a lot of things unconsciously as well. It starts at birth, when we learn to breathe and feed. Then, we know how to walk and talk as a child.

It is the acquisition of knowledge through experience and education. Only when people develop, does the society develop and rise. A person cannot be spoon fed throughout his life. It helps to adapt to a new environment. We have to adapt ourselves every day to new people, places, jobs and relations.

Moreover, it helps us respond to dangers and react. If you happen to see a child stuck in the middle of a road, you will find that he/she sits still when the road is empty, but starts crying as soon as the traffic approaches. However, a grownup knows how to avert danger by action, whereas the baby has only learned to cry and attract attention, so that someone saves it, eventually averting danger.

Survival even in normal life is impossible without learning. It helps become more efficient and helps attain great positions. This is based on the assumption that the time you spent doing something also helped you master that craft.

We must remember that some of the most prominent personalities in history were not educated, but learned and well versed in their own trade, just by the virtue of learning and not education. It is never complete unless we have both experience and education. A lack of either can impair the use of other. We cannot become better individuals unless we learn from our experience.

Additionally, it is the key to achieving a person’s full potential. People who continue to learn are able to transform their lives and become more successful at home, more successful with their families, more successful at work and more successful within their local community.

in fact, there are several key factors that affect people’s learning behavior. These include people’s resources, their image of learning, the rewards associated with the learning activity, the availability of information about learning opportunities, the availability of appropriate learning environments and the climate in which learning takes place.

Learning new things is very important for our self-esteem. It is obvious to state, but nonetheless important to recognize, that the benefits of lifelong learning not only enhance the lives of those partaking in these experiences, but also the institutions and communities providing the services.

Age does not make a significant difference in terms of learning. Therefore, you are never too old to learn in life. After all, education is continuous process.

Source by Rosemarie Sumalinog Gonzales

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