Writing Saves Time – Take the Time to Write Your to-Do or to-Buy List – Live With More Focus

*No need to worry-list-making is encouraging! Keeping and writing a list helps to minimize stress levels by inviting order into your daily events. It can also aid by keeping you less frazzled and more organized, especially when you become forgetful. Grab your do-to list, read, do, complete and flourish in all of your efforts ~

Let’s face facts, going shopping or running errands and having a to-do list is common place to most everyone, or at least it can be. The more we use the skill of writing for everyday benefit the more freedom and organization we can maintain during the course of a busy and productive week. Most people forgo the list and place too much stress and emphasis on their emotions about what they will remember, and frankly that’s not a kind deed for optimal brain function. By writing a list it is so much easier for the memory and for the mind to process. Having written information at your fingertips is a nice way of thinking more externally in cognizance and less internally in emotional stress and chaos. Following and writing a list can serve many more pluses and benefits than not writing out anything at all! Who can’t use more time to focus on other things than when writing a list can be seen and completed quickly? Read-DO- Complete- FINISH- BAM, ALL DONE-have a nice day!

Hi folks! There’s a lot of folks out there that are more than just multi-tasking to survive… Most of us are taking on the responsibilities of more people than just ourselves. I am always seeking ways of organizing and managing my time to flow more fluidly and for accomplishing more tasks with positive outcomes in less time. Having a natural ease in the way of doing things is less demanding and encourages time for more fun-loving activities! ***A day is always the same amount of time for everyone, though list makers have more direction in how they want to manage their time. Writing a list has more to do with a desired, efficient outcome and less to do with being rigid about chores and habits.

**There’s something powerful and helpful about seeing something on paper and having the joy of crossing items off a list that have been satisfactorily completed. Whether you are writing a grocery list, a laundry list, or a chore list, writing out your intentions is really a great way to live!

Sometimes I myself am remiss about writing out a list for things that I wish to include in my articles. I love collecting new words that I learn, or keeping a list of things that I would like to research. Writing is inviting action,showing intention, and also utilized as a legal document. How cool is that? I’m sure that our ancestors would be proud of the way that we have used writing to teach, learn and to engage the masses by just a few strokes of a keyboard. Words on lists, that became ideas to form sentences, that get published and seen on the Internet; WOW, what a truly amazing concept, if you really think about our advancement as a society that have been writing and making lists of words for centuries…

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

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