Why You Will Never See Magnetic Generators For Sale

You have probably already heard about the incredible new alternative energy that is magnetic electric generation. You can forget about solar power as an answer to your home power needs. A magnetic generator can completely eradicate your electricity bill not just heat your hot water! This alone is the reason why you will never see magnetic generators for sale anywhere.

Just think about that moment. Suppose there were magnetic electric generators for sale in every country around the world. You could go into any DIY store and there was a generator ready for you to take home and supply all the electricity you needed.

One of the biggest industries in the world is the supply of electricity. If everybody had the ability to produce their own electricity the world economy may very well collapse!

It sounds like a conspiracy theory but if you think about it for a moment it makes sense.

There is no way the big electricity companies would ever let that happen.

When the Australian inventors of the most well-known magnetic energy generator first unveiled it to the public, they hoped there would be magnetic generators for sale every where on the planet.

It never happened as they came up against too many obstacles. Instead they decided to sell their plans on the Internet so that anyone can build their own magnetic generator at home and there’s nothing the big electric companies can do about it!

They may be able to stop them from being sold but they can’t stop you from building your own!

Source by Joe Bleachings

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