Why the Best Social Media Strategies Fail Sometimes

Social media should not be the last touch added at the end of a campaign to make it all of a sudden popular. They reflect the business strategy that results from the marketing operation; so you have to hit hard with it and not with Facebook or Twitter.

Your agency must not just campaign on different platforms; it must carry out corporate campaigns that reflect on them. The media must be part of the strategy from the beginning to be really effective. Several big campaigns were not successful, thinking, at the very end, “Well, what do we do with social networks?” Certainly, you have to think of it as being the reflection of your business, not as a medium on which you post photos of cats.

More than Tweets

It’s not the number of tweets on your product that will make it a success; it’s a number of people who consume it. To achieve this, a social media agency need to think more about business strategy than to put a beautiful picture of 600 x 600 pixels to generate interactions. You have to think about your business goals in the social platforms, not just have people who click on “I like.”

Transform your vision

Change your thinking of “making the social” to “adopt a corporate strategy highlighted in networks like Facebook, Twitter and others, so be collective.” This way, it will be much easier to enrich your presence on platforms with the campaign, because you will have something to tell.

How can this be achieved?

· Social media agency adapts collective and shared thinking from the beginning, in creation. You imagine, from the first time, how the campaign will live on media for a long time. On the other hand, you do not limit yourself to determining how to put pictures, you think about how the users can take ownership of the concept.

· It can go from “putting different versions “to “asking what users would like to see as declinations to respond in comments, then what consumers want in something I can give them.”

· Either the concept is entirely focused on social networks or it is social by design, meaning that the social is nested in the use of the campaign.

· These agencies determine how the campaign will fit into the typical behavior of consumers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other medias and how you can change our corporate behavior to meet it.

You also need to determine how the campaign will be adapted to the different social networks of the brand, taking into account the particularities of each one, but also the public of each one.

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