Why Choose Call Statistics to Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

‘Statistics’. Terrible word to pronounce. Fabulous aspect of your marketing!

Any time you run a marketing campaign, it’s wise to use call statistics to show you any incremental increase in call rates as a result of your activity.

Let’s imagine you run a split test between your usual phone number and an 0800 freephone number – call statistics will show you whether the freephone number has increased call levels (as we’d expect).

All good marketing is based on statistics. If you can’t measure your campaign’s performance, you don’t know whether it’s working or not!

Before you run any marketing campaign it is best to measure your starting position, and then measure again afterwards to know what results you’ve achieved.

As the telephone still plays a major part in business communications, you can use a call statistics package to monitor any number of key indicators.

Call statistics give you invaluable data including:

  • Call volumes
  • Simultaneous calls
  • Missed or engaged calls
  • Calls that go to voicemail
  • Time it takes for calls to be answered
  • The geographic location of your callers
  • Bespoke reports for management meetings

With statistical information at your fingertips, you can review the data and make changes to your marketing as a result of what you see.

For example, call statistics show you how well your employees are handling incoming calls. If you then implement some efficiency improvement measures, you’ll easily be able to see the impact.

Call stats also show you your inbound call levels, at a glance. You can then make an informed decision about the number of phone lines and members of staff your business requires.

If you decide it’s important to your customers that calls are answered quickly, call statistics shows how long it takes before a call is answered, and you can take any necessary action to improve the speed.

A decent call statistics package will let you view your data in graph or chart format, and download it to Excel, so you can analyse it easily and make whatever changes are needed. It will update in within minutes, so you can make instant decisions. And you’ll be able to check it online, from any Internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world.

3 benefits of call statistics

  1. Knowing how many business calls you miss can improve your customer service.
  2. Using a unique phone number for your website and each advertisement to track the source of enquiries can help improve response rates to your marketing campaigns.
  3. Adjusting staff levels to suit call volumes can lower your costs and increase your profits.

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