What You Want To Do And What You Don’t Want To Do With Your LED TV

When we bought our LED TV we spent big bucks. We took extra care of it because we didn’t want to break it. We want it to last and avoid future damages. Here are some things you might want to know regarding the dos and don’ts to your LED TVs.


TV armor is always first on the list when it comes to protecting your TVs. Children are always full of energy specifically the toddlers who loves to throw and bang toy trucks anywhere. Worse, if they throw it at your television. A TV armor protects a fragile LED TV and protects it from future damages without affecting the picture quality it can give you. You can find one in the market or you can search it through internet and buy one online.

Allot a space where you can make a storage area for the cords. Future accidents may be avoided if tangled cords are arranged and kept in a proper storage place. In that way, a person who walks near it will never have to worry tripling over the jungle of wires and cause damage not only to himself but also to your LED TV.

Place your TV at a comfortable viewing angle but preferably situate it at a higher level. That way, you can prevent your kids to reach your prized LED TV.

Consider the TV screen size in relation to the available space in your room.

Place your TV at an appropriate distance in such a way that you are not too close causing you to have eye pain and eye damage in the future.

Explore the parts of your television. You have to use it to the fullest according to the technology it offers you. You bought a TV because of its feature therefore you must not be contented in watching only ordinary TV shows. Use its Wifi ability, connect it to your PC, attached it to a DVD player. There are a lot of things you can do with your TV. You just have to understand its technology.

Take care of your television by giving it time to rest. Let it sleep or put it to standby mode when not in use. Hey, even machines get exhausted.


Don’t fail to remember that your LED TV must be out of reach of children. Kids are always curious and like to experiment. You wouldn’t want them to experiment with your TV and throw their toys directly at your TV.

Don’t leave a mess of tangled cords in your TV area. It could cause injury to both the person around and to your TV.

Don’t put your TV to an area where it is too close for you to watch. Doing so may cause eye strain and damage in the long end.

Don’t enslave your TV buy leaving it in still turned on mode. Let it rest, let it sleep.

Don’t assume that a certain cord should be inserted in any cord if you are not sure. It may result to output error and may cause damage in the long end.

Don’t manipulate the controls and adjust your TV without really knowing what you are doing. It may cause undesired picture quality and you may not know how to return it to its default settings. Learn and understand the settings first before changing any category or part of the menu settings.

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