What is the 5linx Business Model?

The 5linx business model is in an industry called direct selling. There are a few forms of direct selling; the 5linx business uses multi level marketing or network marketing.

Multi level marketing is the process of becoming a distributor or independent representative for a company that has product to sell. The distributor has two priorities or jobs. 1. Sell products of that company and 2. Find and Sponsor more independent representatives to sell products for that company.

The independent representative receives sales commission on these products and the products sold by its organization. When a representative sponsors another representative, the goal is to have that representative do the same over and over to build a downline.

In the 5linx business, you are awarded bonuses and commissions as you are promoted through the company. The goal is to sponsor a big organization, the bigger your organization the bigger your bonuses. The more your organization produces the more money you make. The goal of the higher position rep or upline is to keep their down line productive and efficient.

But here is the kick, you do not and should not micro manage your downline. A good upline teaches and trains their downline, promotes personal growth and encourages his downline to do the same in their organization. Lead buy example, if you want your downline to be successful, be a good teacher, leader, and mentor.

Another important intangible is to be honest and up front with your new independent marketing representatives. Many times new reps are told there will be no selling involved. Well, that is completely not true. Network marketing involves sales and it requires good selling techniques. Someone that is not properly trained in sales must acquire those skills in your training with your upline or independently.

5linx business has great products, support, and training. If you want to get to your quick start bonus without harassing your friends and family, cold calling, or buying leads I can help you. Remember in the 5linx business you have thirty days to get new representatives and gain new customers to earn your quick start bonus.

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