What Do Your Customers Really Want to Know?

Marketing – you can’t run a business without it.

The problem is you’re probably finding it a hit or miss affair. Sometimes, you hit the nail on the head and your marketing campaign results in loads of leads and new customers. Other times your ostensible magic words are met with silence, the phone doesn’t ring and you end up sitting with your head in your hands wondering where it all went wrong.

Whether you’re a social media fanatic, blogging hero, content writer extraordinaire, or a wizard at email marketing there’s one thing you must do to get your customers to buy.

Finding out what interests your customers is vital if you want them to take notice of the constant stream of messages you’re putting out.

So what is it?

What is the mystery thing that all your customers want to know about?

What is it that interests them?

The answer is simple; the answer is they’re interested in themselves.

That’s right – they don’t care about your business, where your premises are, whether you’re the market leader (everyone says that), or a great innovator (yawn), all they want to know is how you are going to help them.

How selfish!

You’ve spent years building up your business. You’ve weathered economic downturns, fluctuations in your market place and umpteen rows at home because of the number of hours you spend at the office, and your customers don’t care.

But then again, why should they?

None of that’s going to help them, is it?

The only way they’re going to spend their hard earned cash with you is if you can convince them that their lives will be greatly improved by your product or service.

It’s the same reason why you buy things, and yet it’s easy to forget that when you’re putting your marketing materials together.

Forget about your business

When crafting your message, put yourself and your business to the back of your mind.

Every thought you have must centre on your customer.

· Who are they?

· What problem do they have?

· How can you help them?

· What can you offer them that will solve their problem?

There’s no room for a tempting “We’re the best at what we do” spiel.

The cold hard fact about marketing is that there’s no room for your ego. The only thing that matters is what you can do for your customer. Keep everything you write focused on them, and you’ll see your sales increase.

Source by Sally Ormond

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