What Are The Problems Of Online Publishing?

Today, the internet has taken up such an important part of our lives, that we are incapable of imagining our lives without the internet anymore – especially having access to all the free online information. Today, getting information about anything is child’s play and can be done with a few clicks. However, it is important to remember that none of us would be able to gain access to all this important information if it were not for the advertisements that are so detested by the users. Thus, this has become one of the most conflicting problems of the virtual world – respecting the user’s experience along with monetizing.

Thus, in order to solve this problem that has taken the forefront in the world of online publishing, many people have found solace in the face of ad blockers. It has been estimated that everyday, more and more people are opting for ad blockers and the need keeps on growing.

This however, poses a problem for the online publishers and has led to question their own ecosystem. It has ushered them to develop methods that can satisfy the interests of the advertisers as well as give the users a good and friendly online experience. This problem has been curbed by auto-play video ads, auto-redirects and other similar approaches. This has been successful partly as it is now creating a new problem in the name of increase in latency, bloating of mobile pages and most serious of all – an even irritating experience for the users.

To site an example, in videos, the audio is a default. Thus, out stream video advertisements can suddenly start playing out of the blue. So, if a user has on earphones, then it can be quite an annoying experience. Moreover, such big and bulky ads can eat away a huge share of the user’s data plans – that too without the user’s permission.

So, this gets us to one of the most negatively perceived advertisement formats – the infamous pop-up banners that run the risk of encountering heavy traffic, a down slope in social shares as well as a decline in the quality.

Thus, some of the things that user can do in order to reduce having bad experience is that prohibit automatic video and also stop auto play. Video advertisements can also be put on mute if they are outstreamed. By following the given tips, users can make the experience less annoying for them. Do try it out yourself!

Source by Rajesh B Sanghvi

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