Website Usability Checklist – Must Have Things for Your Website

Even a neatly designed website without elements like- ease of navigation, great call to action prompts and a specific purpose, will not help much in terms of generating traffic on the same. The usability aspect of a website is an important consideration alongside its design elements to get more user engaging sessions on the same.

The following things will surely help you to create a highly engaging website:

A website should be easy to navigate

Nothing beats a good navigation system. What a good navigation system does is that it invites users to take a walk around your website and which is exactly how you engage online users on your website. So, be sure to provide a good navigation system even if you need to adjust the design of your website to make way for a user focussed navigation system. A good navigation system can actually take your uses where they want them to be.

Placement of content is very important

The most important piece of information that you would like your users to notice should be upfront while rest of the details can come little down on the page. Users purposefully come on your site for specific information and may not like much if it is not there. So, you need to make sure that you put all the important stuff that they are seeking in their very first view or else they will not waste their time on whatever else you have.

Your content should provide the information what users are seeking for

Keep in mind that users are information driven and the information provided through your website should be in line with what they are seeking for. So, you be amply sure to provide your users with the ‘Information’ for which they stumbled upon your website. This will give them confidence about your offerings and in turn help your website to become an authentic source of information.

Should have great call to action elements in place

The information rich content will bring verified users to your website and here you need to make sure that their presence count for you. In order to take your users to a meaningful conclusion you need to appropriately place various ‘call to actions’ prompts/buttons on your website so that they can take an affirmative action whether it is signing up for services or weekly newsletter or they merely want to know more about you etc. Without great call to action elements in place, you’re just doing half the stuff and may be missing out on the very objective of your website.

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