To Anyone With A Job – Beware of the 45 Year Plan!

This article should be of particular interest to anyone with a job. Have you ever heard about “The 45 Year Plan”? The first time I heard of it was about 5 years ago. I was just getting started in Network Marketing.

It’s about a graph/report that was done many years ago by the U.S. government. I believe it was the Department Of Labor. I know of many people in MLM / Network Marketing and other businesses that show “The 45 Year Plan” to their prospects.

Today I’m going to explain it to you. This information will blow you away!

Here is what the report found:

Most people, about 95% of men and women in this country, work about 45 years of their lives. Usually, this takes place between the ages of 20-65…give or take. Most people start working after high school/college, up to the time they retire.

They spend roughly 45 years of their lives at various jobs, and / or being self employed. Think about that.

These people (the 95%ers) are your family and mine… your relatives and mine…your neighbors and mine…your co-workers and mine etc. Do you want to spend so much time, such a big piece or your life working???

Let’s break this down:

40 hours per week x 50 weeks per year= 2000 hrs./year (52 weeks in a year…I’m taking out 2 weeks for vacation)

2000 hours x 45 years= 90,000 hours

This means most of us can expect to spend roughly 90,000 hours of our lives working!!! Can you believe that??? Most people just trade time for money…and the cost of living keeps going up 8-12% each year!

And guess what else? When these people retire (the 95%ers), they can expect to live on one-half to one-third of their income. Is that depressing or what? Don’t be one of them! I used to be a 95%er, now I’m a 5%er. Hopefully you’re on the same path.

There Must Be A Better Way…And There Is!!!

Take control of your life. Be your own boss! If you’re not already involved, get involved in Network Marketing. We have a 5 year plan to help someone become job-optional…meaning you won’t have to work anymore! And because it’s a paid-for-performance type business it could be much less! A 5 year plan to make more money than you ever have…A 5 year plan to create a real residual income!

There is a phrase I have used in previous articles. It was taught to me by some of my mentors. It goes like this:

“Money + Time= FREEDOM!” Isn’t that what everyone wants???

Forget “The 45 Year Plan”…You need to be part of the 5 Year Plan…Your life will be much happier!

To Your Success,

Source by Brad Marcus

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