Tips to Optimize the Performance of Your Evaporative Cooler

When we turn on our evaporative cooler we expect it to deliver cool air without any problem. However, there may be occasions when the machine is not able to deliver the performance that we expect. Even though the machine may be putting out cold air it may not cool your home or office efficiently.

Like most machines, evaporative cooler has a motor that uses energy to deliver cool air. The motor in your cooler requires regular attention to run effectively and efficiently. To optimize the performance of your cooler you must take steps to maintain the machine, improve its efficiency and conduct regular check-ups.

Maintenance of your Evaporative Cooler

Before you start using the cooler in summers, make sure you clean any debris that you find in the water pan. When you remove the debris, clean water will get to the pads and it will not get bungled up with debris and leaves.

It is in your interest to check the tension level in the fan belt. Make sure your fan belt does not move more than 1.5 centimeters. At times, a movement of 1.5 centimeters may also have a negative impact on the working of your cooler. If the belt of your cooler is sagging, make sure you replace it immediately. If you are not able check the tension of the belt, it is best that you get professional help.

Make sure you lubricate the motor and bearing with the appropriate oil before you start using the machine in summers.

If the cooler pads get worn out or ratty, replace them immediately. Also, make sure you check if the pads are getting sated uniformly, when you turn on the machine.

Check for leaks in the casement or tray. If you find holes or crack in the insulation, get professional help immediately.

Improving the efficiency of your Evaporative Cooler

To improve the efficiency of your cooler and reduce the usage of water, try to use the machine only after the room temperature reaches 85 degrees.

It is a good idea to saturate the pads before you turn on the fan. To saturate the pads, make sure you turn on the fan 5 minutes after you have turned on the water pump.

Evaporative Cooler Check-Ups

Before you start using the cooler, make sure you check the condition of the motor, fan belt and pump.

It is important that you check the water level in the cooler. The water level must be below the top of the tray and the overflow pipe must be visible. If the float arm of the machine is damage, make sure you replace it immediately.

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