Tips For Developing Your Online Marketing Plan

Online marketing is a multi-faceted process that involves several elements working together to improve the visibility of your website. Becoming familiar with each of these elements will help you develop a marketing plan that expands visibility, increases traffic and boosts sales.

Website Design

Good site design is the foundation of your online presence. Go for a simple, clean layout with clear navigation that takes visitors from one page to another without hassle. Choose colors and fonts that make text easy to read. Remember that people tend to skim content on the Internet, so make use of short paragraphs and lists wherever possible. Your goal should be a user-friendly website design that encourages browsing and leads customers to make more purchases.

Keyword Research

Comprehensive keyword research shows which words and phrases people are likely to be using to find sites similar to yours. Plug relevant terms into search engines or use one of the free research and analytics tools available around the web to discover the phrases that will get you the most traffic. Check out what your competitors are ranking for and choose keywords that set you apart from the crowd.

Content Creation

Using your keyword research as a guide, create a list of terms that you want to build the content portion of your marketing plan around. Content marketing involves both the copy on your website and fresh content such as blog posts. Set clear goals for your content that go beyond driving website traffic. Seek to provide visitors with interesting posts that use a distinct voice to define your business.

Link Building

The content you create can improve your search engine rankings with more than just keywords. If you focus on crafting well-written, informative posts, visitors will want to share them with others. Backlinks acquired through social media are considered "high quality" by search engines such as Google, and the more backlinks you get from authoritative sites, the better your pages will rank. You may also consider writing guest posts on blogs that are relevant to your business. Include links back to your site with diversity, keyword-rich anchor text to give your link building a boost.

Article Writing

Another way to increase website traffic is through article writing for online databases. These sites are high-traffic areas for people seeking information. Use attention-grabbing headlines to generate click-throughs and make good on the promise of those headlines by providing valuable content within the article. Include a resource box at the bottom of everything you write that displays a brief author bio as well as links to your website and social media profile. Post consistently to improve visibility and generate more visits from interested consumers.

Combining these strategies into a cohesive online marketing plan requires trial and error, but over time you'll begin to see which of your marketing tactics are working and which ones need improvement. Track your traffic, keep an eye on keywords and continue producing high-quality content to ensure a consistent flow of visitors to your business website.

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