Things To Do & Things Not Do While Using WordPress

WordPress is a CMS the world believes to be the best. From simple websites to blogs, to applications you can build anything with this most popular CMS. It is a reliable platform that is loaded with plenty of plugins, themes, and features that make your experience with it better than ever before. But, did you know what to do after installing WordPress and what not to? This is a common question raised by almost every developer who just starts working on it. No, so, this article will surely help you out. Let’s get started.

Things To Do:

Create A New Database: One of the most important steps you need to take immediately after installing WordPress is the creation of a new database. This is because using an existing database may put your website content or any other codes and decodes in danger. It is a golden rule of using this CMS, which you should always keep in mind.

Create A Strong And Complicated Password: Security should be your topmost priority because it will help you to win the trust of your clients. This is because there are so many hackers are in the wake to hack your website and steal your important data, so, it is better to create strong and complicated passwords and change it after three months to keep yourself protected from any malicious attack.

Choose Best Suited Plugin: WordPress has countless plugins to offer, so, you should choose them according to your need. Important ones that you cannot afford to miss are cache, backup, security plugins etc.

Things Not To Do:

Don’t Use “Admin” As Your Username: This is one of the silliest mistakes most of the newbie make, which they should stop doing from now. This is because if you use the name of the admin as your username, so it is easy to hack; this is why you should never do it.

Too Many Plugins: Another mistake people make is using too many plugins, which don’t have any worth. If you are also doing the same, stop it from now because it actually affects the performance of your website. So, say no to extra and useless plugins.

Purchase Poor Hosting: “No” means “No”, you should never go for a poor hosting otherwise, it will affect the functionalities of your website and create lots of problems like server timeout rate.

All above points are very simple and clear that you can use. There is nothing like rocket science, so, you should keep in mind all these points before using WordPress.

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