The Super Consumer and the Importance of New Homeowner Mailing Lists

New homeowners are some of the largest consumers in America today. These consumers spend up to 10 times more compared to established homeowners. These 'super consumers' are big spenders with specific needs and susceptibilities. Reaching out to this base of super consumers can drive your sales. It is imperative to identify these consumers quickly; A task easily implemented with new homeowner mailing lists.

New homeowners are typically creditworthy and they also posses more disposable income compared to established home owners. The needs of new homeowners are readily apparent. This type of consumer is more likely to be interesting in renovation and furniture, insurance and home maintenance. They may also be craving other services such as babysitting, dog walking or even medical care. These consumers are still adjusting to their new surroundings and are hungry for products and services that can add value to their lives.

Utilizing direct selling strategies on these new homeowners can be effective in securing a strong position in the hearts and minds of these consumers. Timing can be crucial in securing long term business relationships with these super consumers. Being the first to providing a product or service increases the likelihood of continued product usage. If this relationship is carefully cultured, in the long run the consumer would have developed a strong sense of brand preference towards your product or service.

The easiest way to identify these consumers is by purchasing a list. There are several companies that offer telemarketing and mailing lists. These lists typically vary and can contain pertinent information towards various niches. Typically, new homeowner mailing lists are readily available and can be easily purchased.

These lists can be an effective way of quickly targeting new homeowners. It is highly targeted and easy to obtain with minimal fuss.

Advertising mail can be an excellent way of increasing awareness. Advertising mail operates in a less cluttered environment when compared to mass media advertising. Your marketing message has a better chance of grabbing and holding your consumers' attention. Consumers who keep your advertising material may constantly be reminded of your product or service, thus encouraging top-of-mind awareness. Eat-out advertisements are excellent examples of just that.

Using advertising mail can also create demand for your product or service. New homeowners who have pets or children may be potential consumers waiting for the correct marketing message that triggers their demand. Businesses that are successful in creating consumer demand are more likely to find success in selling their products to these newly 'inspired' consumers.

Customer retention is also vital in building a healthy long-term consumer relationship. New homeowner lists provides a strong information base that you can build upon. It allows you to connect with new or old consumers. Reconnecting with past consumers can also be profitable, as they would have already formed expectations and experiences with your product or service.

New homeowners are high spending super consumers waiting to be introduced to your product or service. This highly profitably niche of consumers should be identified and targeted quickly. Fortunately, new homeowner lists are available available for purchase, making consumer identification quick and simple.

Source by Chris J Burns

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