The Pains Of SEO Outsourcing and How Not to Get Fooled and End Up Losing Everything

The Pain of SEO Outsourcing:

Read this before you ever outsource your online reputation to some shady company from an unknown country.

A lot of people have lost huge sums to such shady firms getting lured by the promise of the ultimate Deal. The lure of getting everything done and more, at just a fraction of cost elsewhere is simply too irresistible for anyone and this is what some of the people from these far off countries take advantage of.

You enter a neatly laid trap and once you are in, you don’t even realize that you are being scammed of your money before you have already lost a lot and it’s not just about money but poor and substandard work done by unqualified people/companies can damage the prospects of your brand name for good. It can get your website penalized by Google for a few keywords on which the work was being done, for starters or can get your website penalized and/or sand-boxed for a very long time in the worst-case and you lose whatever traffic you were getting naturally earlier and in turn your business.

Make No mistake, there are some fabulous companies, agencies and talented individuals in these places who can really help you get everything done at better than the best available quality anywhere in the world and at great prices too, but you need to be careful and smart to find and choose the right ones.

Many of the people simply sit on a laptop and fake their identities and claim to operate for/on behalf of fly by night companies, they will show you false portfolios and make false claims about their abilities and work culture.

Many of these guys are people who have worked in some IM company sometime in the past bit now are jobless for some reason or the other. They do know a few superficial things to make them sound knowledgeable enough but are they?

You should consider yourself lucky if the guy just takes your money and that Skype ID never comes online ever again! Because you stand to lose much more if they are more sophisticated than that and then they will keep you hooked on for weeks and months and damage your online presence while scamming you off, your money!

Now every one of you, trying to get your business promoted many not also be an expert in judging IM talent so what can you do and how to protect yourself from such scams and lose not just money but your online presence as well?

This is the first part of a two-part series. The next and the final part will cover the precautionary measures and the means and simple ways by which you can do your best to protect yourselves from getting scammed.

Source by Sunny Biswas

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