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YouTube has become something of a phenomenon over the last few years. One aspect of YouTube is the surprising number of views certain videos have generated over a 12 month period. These views number within the millions and there is one video in particular that has become quite spectacular and holds as many views as some nations populations.

The appeal and spread of YouTube is many and varied. Starting of as one of many video submission sites, it gained rapid and popular growth not long before being acquired by Google in October 2006. YouTube has helped many local, ordinary people become international household names. Some have even found international success based firstly in the YouTube world and then outside of it.

Think of world-renowned music artists such as Justin Beiber and Pitbull. Known now, yet most unheard of by many just a little under three years before 2011. Judson Laipply was an aspiring public and motivational speaker came out with an idea for a video in 2006 that held the record on YouTube for most views for a number of years until the advent of the signing up of a very young and talented young Justin Beiber and a one worded music video.

So why YouTube? Many people are turning to the internet to seek new ways to become entertained and YouTube makes it relatively easy to find quickly the types of videos we seek. Top tens lists for many years have also been really popular and the top ten of the most widely viewed videos on YouTube are rather short-lived. Generally whats popular for the next few weeks to a few months is soon superceded by another video. Many of the general public are turning their hand at creating videos as well.

These people are looking at trying to become the next best sensation on YouTube and why not. If your particular video or number of videos up with thousands or possibly millions of views, YouTube’s partner revenue sharing program becomes a rather lucrative proposition. Many have created channels of their hobbies like t-shirt designs, art and how to videos, cooking recipes, the list is endless. Many have been able to give up their daily jobs and have used YouTube as a full-time income.

This is not an easy route, doing videos for income generation, so don’t give up your day job yet. Enjoy the most often viewed videos, at least you don’t have to give up entertainment.

Source by Jason A Stevens

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