The Importance Of Having A Six Figure Mentor

The Importance Of Having A Mentor

If You are trying to sustain a good online business generating you a passive income, you need a mentor. You need someone who is experienced in your area, who has made mistakes but has also made success. You need an individual who can guide you on the right path towards you goals and ambitions what ever they may be. In this article i am going to go into depth about the importance of having a mentor.

To put things into perspective, take any successful person and examine them. You will find that they had a mentor. They had someone who knew what cause of action to take and what not to do, they had the balance between getting things right and getting things wrong. Their mentor guided them towards their success. You can learn from all their experience’s and their mistakes. A mentor is someone that is much more experienced than you and that has successfully passed the obstacles that you are yet to pass.

Why Doesn’t Everybody Have mentor?

These days people are keen to overlook the importance of a mentor. They don’t really understand the power of having someone teach you from their mistakes and successes.

This is why 98% of people trying to make a living from online marketing fail because they do not believe in having a mentor, they go their own way and fail and then blame it on the industry, it’s not the industries fault, it’s theirs.

Having a mentor brings these qualities that you as an individual may not have, or you do have them but you do not know if it!

Encouragement and incitement:

When things get hard in life or in your business, you mentor will bring encouragement and incitement, it is easy to slip of you path when obstacle are thrown in your way, a mentor will give you the courage to get on with your work and finish what you started. This will refresh you mind with gratitude and focus.

Building Your Confidence and Self Belief:

A good and passionate mentor will give you confidence and belief in yourself. He will build this up inside of you, reminding you why you are doing what you’re doing and giving you belief and confidence in yourself and what you do. Without this self belief and confidence in Internet marketing you will fail. This is a fundamental reason for having a mentor.

Cut Down Your Mistakes:

Don’t forget that your mentor has made the mistake’s that you aren’t going to make. He will be able to save you time and stress by highlighting where you are potentially going to go wrong. Cutting down your mistakes will enable you to save money time and energy.

Produce Strength From Within You:

A good mentor is always going to bring out the best in you, making you produce results that you benefit from. You can have all the talent in the world but with no direction that talent will be wasted Without a good mentor, your talent is useless. A great mentor helps you expose your talents to be successful.


A great mentor will always be honest towards you and your work. Some of your friends and family will always tell you what you need to do, but a mentor will always tell you what you need to do, why you need to do it and how you need to do it. He wants you to succeed in your business as much as you do, this is a brilliant aspect of having a mentor.

I can say that, having a mentor is really the key to your success. However you won’t be able succeed in your business unless you have a good mentor.

Your probably thinking how can i find a mentor that will guide me and push me in this internet marketing industry? Who can teach me the basics to succeed?

The Six Figure Mentors

The Six Figure Mentors Is a training platform for successful like minded entrepreneurs. They specialising in training teaching and coaching individuals how to be successful in online marketing, giving you the right tools and resources as well as the right guidance to succeed.

Our efforts are structured with the individual success of every SFM member foremost in mind, realising that their success is our success. Therefore, The Six Figure Mentors work to empower SFM members with every possible asset to better themselves.

What will the Six Figure Mentors Provide me with?

The six figure mentors provide you with all of the right quality’s for success, they offer:

The Six Figure Mentors Community designed only for the purpose of help and networking, there is strictly no self promotion here. It is a place for members to find answers the there questions.

Local Mastermind Meetings:

The Mentors will meet in a local area and direct you with a focus or a structure to what you may be struggling with, giving you confidence and reassurance along the way. Not to mention One to One consultation meetings with your individual meteor.

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