The Future Of Digital Marketing

How I am building my foundation for a successful future

I am taking courses in marketing online from home. I am always looking for new ways to improve my quality of life so I can live as comfortably as possible now and in the future, providing a stable secure lifestyle for my family.When I think about the future and all of the things I want to accomplish, the places I want to go and see and the experiences I want to have, I know I need to have a blueprint to lay a strong foundation now to get there.

Being a baby boomer and a stay at home caregiver, it has been a constant consideration as to how exactly I am going to go about making this all happen without even knowing where to begin. I have the knowledge to make the best of what I have available to me work in my favor and to know when to take advantage of a good opportunity when it crosses my path.

I realize that life is like riding a bike. You have to have balance and continue to move forward to achieve it and by learning a skill that I can use anywhere is definitely a good place to start.

Education is a big factor in achieving your goals

I knew that I had to get the education needed to learn a skill I knew nothing about and start to really think about the lifestyle that I wanted to create. I began to understand that by learning a skill like marketing that I could virtually use it anywhere, which would allow me to do all of the things that I have been dreaming of doing all of my life.

Imagine being able to travel whether it is in a recreational vehicle around the United States, or flying across the globe without the worry of being stuck in a traditional job that may or may not even offer a paid vacation time off. I want to be able to spend quality time with my family and not worry about missing birthdays and other important events because of a job that is not flexible or way too demanding of my personal time.

With the way our economy is going and the job market for the average person, you will need to have a skill that ensures that you can make it in the fast-growing world of e-commerce. Everything around us is going digital.Large companies and multi-billion dollar corporations have gone digital. People shop for food, clothes, household items electronics and much more by way of the internet. Grocery stores even have self-serve at the checkout lines, eliminating the need for a person to wait on you. It is an uncomfortable thought to think that many of today’s jobs will become obsolete in the very near future.

Through the courses, I am learning about ad creation and providing valuable high-quality content that I am proud to put my name on. Things like article writing and branding, I’ve even built my own website where I can sell my own products or be an affiliate of a company and direct potential customers to their website. I have access to a vast library where I am learning about SEO fundamentals, WordPress link generation and all of the basics I need to know and the strategies to apply them. There is even a community of others doing the same as me encouraging each other along the way, mentors and 24-hour customer service happy to help always.

I have made videos, written blogs, and articles and have built up confidence by writing and putting myself in uncomfortable situations that I was not accustomed to because of my own self-limiting fears that I quickly got rid of. I have shown myself I am capable of so many things that I’ve never even dreamt of, and by learning the habits of successful leaders I am now applying them to my own life. Daily I can see myself blooming into the self-sufficient successful entrepreneur I knew in my heart I could be. Now I can live my dream lifestyle and begin to check things off of my bucket list!

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