The Benefits of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

The benefit of using ISDN for Internet connection is a lot greater compared to using the old telephone dial up service as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). With ISDN dial up connection, one can almost believe they are using broadband connection, it is that fast. When using internet connection which give such fast speed, there are a number of extra things one can do with. Some of the other benefits of using ISDN dial up include:


Multiple digital channels means you can compress all channels and come up with a bandwidth of up to 128 kb/s. This is due to the 2 B-channels each 64 kb/s respectively. With such a high bandwidth, it allows for a lot of things which was previously unavailable to normal modems, some of these include:

  • Faster connections, direct with no dialing or engaged tone.
  • ISDN is also good for gaming due to the faster connections.
  • Video conferencing and streaming occurs with no disruptions.
  • Video conferencing can also include multiple recipients.


In the past, one needed an individual phone line for each device used, including telephone service, fax, computer and live video conferencing. With the advent of ISDN, all that has changed. Giving various other functions like:

  • Simultaneous transfer of services all with the same ISDN line, i.e. making calls, receiving fax and connecting to the Internet all at once.
  • Each service has a signal which works with the ISDN network to ensure there is more history and fewer errors with multiple connection.
  • Voice, data and video have no interference or noise corrupting the quality of the service because data is sent via packets or groups.

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