The 4 Most Important Tools You Will Need For Internet Marketing Success

Regardless of what profession you examine, every professional has his or her set of tools which allows them to perform their job effectively. In the world of internet marketing , it is no different. In this article, I am going to reveal to you the top 4 tools you need if you want to succeed in your online business.

Your Online Residence

When you operate a traditional brick-and-mortar business, your physical location is everything. It is obviously where your sales are generated. You are going to advertise this physical address in as many places as you can think of.

When you are operating an online business, it really isn’t any different. However, in the online world, your number one tool is your website. Without a website, you might as well give up before you even get started. You are simply not going to succeed.

You need to have a website with your own domain name. A domain name is your online address, such as The good news is that you can buy a domain name at a very affordable price.

After you have your domain name, you are going to need the services of a hosting company so that your website can be live online. I personally recommend that you choose a blog as your main website. Blogs are very dynamic websites which allow you to quickly add fresh content.

The Automation Tool

The second tool you are going to need is an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a software tool that allows you to capture leads and follow-up with your leads in an automated manner. You create your series of e-mails in whatever sequence you choose, and when people enter their name and e-mail the system will automatically start sending the e-mails you created.

If you have written valuable and informative e-mails, your system will automatically build credibility with your prospects, culminating with the sales you seek. Just make sure that you place the opt-in box in a prominent place of your website for maximum results.

The Art Of Tracking

The third vital tool you need is link tracking software. This software allows you to create unique tracking links for all of your marketing efforts. So, say you paid to have a banner displayed on someone’s site, by creating a unique link for that banner you will be able to determine how much traffic and sales that banner generates for you.

This tool is really valuable because it is imperative that you identify the marketing strategies that are working and those that are not. This will allow you to refine your marketing approach, becoming more effective in your marketing efforts.

Don’t Miss Out On Sales

The fourth and last tool you need to succeed in your internet business is link cloaking software. Link cloaking software is used when you are promoting affiliate products. Affiliate products are products which somebody else owns that you can promote.

When you generate a sale, the product owner pays you a percentage of the sale. He or she is going to give you a unique affiliate link. For example, if the product website is ProductWebsite.Net, your affiliate link would look something like this: ProductWebsite.Net/AffiliateID=XXXX.

The problem with that link is that, before people buy the product, they are able to cut off the last portion of that link, preventing you from getting credit for the sale.

Once you install the link cloaking software on your site, you are able to hide the affiliate link. For example, the same example I gave you above of ProductWebsite.Net/AffiliateID=xxxx now becomes YourWebsite.Com/AnyNameYouChoose. This way, no one is able to prevent you from collecting your well deserved commissions.

In Conclusion

As you can see, these tools are a must for any serious internet marketer. Without these tools you are going to be facing an uphill battle in your internet marketing career. Ensure that you possess all 4 and your internet business will thrive.

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