Simple Ways To Speed Up A Slow Internet Connection

One of the most common solutions to speed up your Internet connection is simply cleaning your computers hard drive. Even the fastest Internet services will be compromised by a slow weighed down computer that’s carrying around loads of unnecessary files and software.

1. Contact your Internet service provider and ask if any recent upgrades available the have stronger connection capabilities than your current connection. It’s not uncommon for upgrades to be available at no extra charge to existing customers, it never hurts to pick up the phone and ask.

2. Delete your temporary Internet files and cache. These files have a very good purpose of remembering things about websites and pages such as graphics and images for faster future browsing of those pages without the need of downloading those files each and every time you decide to visit those pages again. The problem with this is that many computers store way too many temporary files by default which often results in a cluttered hard drive over time. The simple solution to solve this problem is to adjust the amount of space your PC allows to be used for these files. I will list the steps for both Internet Explorer and FireFox below.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, open a new browser window. Once that window is open, navigate to the menu labeled as “Tools” which can be found top right hand Corner of your screen and select “Internet Options”. Once your inside of Internet options, select the tab labeled as “General” and select the “settings” button for temporary Internet Files. Tick the check box next to “Automatically” handle downloading new versions and set the disk space to be used to 2%. Setting this up in FireFox is a little simpler. Select “tools” and then “Options”. Under the “Privacy” tab select the “Cache” tab setting it to automatic.

3. Your computer could possibly be fragmented, meaning your files and programs are scattered all over the place and which would cause your internet speed to seem very slow. Your PC becomes fragmented when programs are constantly loaded and deleted. Window offers a free program that will correct your system, it can take hours to fully complete but it’s worth it in the end. Note that this should be one of your last options due to the time it takes but if you’ve had your computer for a while and use it a lot, it should be done anyway.

4. Check to be sure that other wireless devices are not interfering with your wireless router. Wireless devices that operate off of the same GHz (Gigahertz) ofter cause each other problems. You can check the GHz (Gigahertz) of your devises by simple viewing the label found on the device. If you do find that they are indeed operating on the same GHz (Gigahertz), disconnect the other device or devices.

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