Significant Functions and Uses of ECG Machines

The Electrocardiogram or the ECG machine is one of the most significant equipments used in hospitals to monitor the activity of the human heart. The electrocardiogram is basically the illustration of the electrical activity of the heart which is represented on a piece of paper. It is usually illustrated in the form of waves. The physiology of the human heart can be recorded with the help of the electrocardiogram. These results can be diagnosed and analyzed only by expert heart specialists. It is mainly used to diagnose a large number of diseases related to the heart.

The machine was first developed by Augustus Waller in the year 1870. In the year 1903 Willem Einthoven discovered the first ECG machine which became popular in the later days. It is still considered to be one of the most commendable discoveries in the history of mankind. As years passed by, the machine evolved in many ways with additional modifications and advanced features.

Functions of the ECG Machine

The main function of the ECG machine is to monitor the functions of the heart. These machines include a number of electrode leads which are attached to the limbs and chest of the person, while conducting an electrocardiogram test. The electrical activity of the heart is measured and recorded by the electrodes. Every heart beat is represented in the form of waves which is printed on a strip of paper.

Significant Uses of Electrocardiogram

The ECG machine is one of the least expensive and invasive method used by cardiologists all over the world. It is also one of the most effective equipments to conduct routine tests to evaluate the functions of the heart. Useful information pertaining to the electrical configurations and the rhythms of the heart can be obtained with the help of these machines.

These machines can be used to detect the thickening of the heart walls. Doctors use the electrocardiogram machines to evaluate current or old heart attacks in a person. The wave readings depicted on the paper illustrate the functions of the heart and the presence of any type of heart beat variations. The disturbances in the heart rhythm can be easily diagnosed with the help of these machines.

The electrocardiogram machine is considered to be the most efficient equipment that is both non-invasive and safe. It seldom requires any prior arrangements. It is also known to be one of the least expensive methods of diagnosing the functions of the heart.

ECG is often recommended to patients suffering from any type of heart disease. Patients suffering from shortness of breath, chest pain, weakness, discomfort while breathing, anxiety, dizziness and nausea are recommended an electrocardiogram by the doctors. It gives a clear illustration of the nature of the cardiac issues in a person. The waves illustrated on the electrocardiogram vary accordingly.

An ECG machine is indispensable in the field of medical science as it helps to diagnose different types of heart diseases quite easily and effectively. It is simply impossible to evaluate the electrical functions of the heart without the use of these magnificent devices.

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