Shades of Pink

This is the subject that I have been researching on for more than three years. Whatever I have written here is just a representation of things that I gathered during my course of research. The only thing that I have done here is tried my best to present this topic “Shades of Pink” in perspective, as this topic is considered TABOO in many communities across the planet. Now, time has come, to remove this taboo, speak, discuss, debate openly, accept whole heartedly and eradicate discrimination by giving one gender the option of justification. This article is purely in that direction.

In my opinion, breaking away from the traditional ways of looking at the ‘Natural Process’ of the human mechanism and then bringing the necessary understanding, is the only way forward. As one of the renounced and aesthetic GURU’s of our times says –“IN is the only way OUT” – this is so true in all spheres of life!

So, what am I talking about – Sexuality and Desires. This is one of the topics that have intrigued me for quite some time. As we often hear and discuss, that MEN cheat on their spouse have always enjoyed the explanation that natural ‘Evolution’ made them indulge in sexual activity. If you go in to internet, you will find many articles on this subject wherein have explored this theory of MEN’s evolution. This male dominated society always enjoyed the attention that it required. Didn’t it?

My question is – What about Women? Don’t they have such justification? Are they not gifted by nature like Men? If yes, then why such a privilege is not dealt with the hands of equality? What kind of effect does the natural evolution that Man enjoys, has on Women’s Sexuality?

Why is it considered as taboo while it is the natural process of human mechanism? So, where is the Hypocrisy?

Let’s start disseminating the same. I read it somewhere that in a new journal article suggested that evolutionary forces also push women to be more sexual, although in unexpected ways

Let’s understand the basics first. What is Sexuality? It is a “condition” that is characterized and distinguished by sex and passion. While we discuss and understand Sexuality, there is an aspect called Potency which is nothing but Power. So, while ‘sex’ is an act and any act, as we all know has the starting point and ending point. ‘Sexuality’ is wonderful aspect of quality, a sexual character and power. This aspect has no beginning and no ending, it’s just essentially an individual’s nature, in born quality, part of the fabric of individuals making. It is just an individual’s vitality, a wonderful thing. With this, we understand that sex and sexuality are related, and delightfully intertwined.

Now the question that arises is – can an individual be sexual without having sex? or, let me put it this way, can an individual enjoy sex with out in touch with their own sexuality? Within this frame work, where does the man’s evolution gets fitted in? And what happens to women’s sexuality in this frame work?

Yes, this is true. It is reported that, just like Men, even Women enjoy the benefits of concept of Evolution – which is generously provided by Nature. This is natural in all human beings. There are many research conducted across the globe, and in general, it is understood and derived in sexually psychology as well, that women of middle age (approximate age 25 through 45), not only enjoy enhanced sexual fantasies & interests than women of younger age,, but also desire to have more sex. And it is also said that, women of middle age are the ones who are more willing and open for casual sex, friendship based sex, one night strand etc., In other words, women in their middle years are more sexually industrious. Of course, there are many articles published on internet and once can get much more insight if needed. The purpose is to bring certain perspective on the topic, and hence I restrict myself to the point.

So, as we all know, especially people from the land of KAMASUTRA, that sexual behavior is one subject that is of interest since time immemorial. In my opinion, every individual should take some time to explore and experience being a researcher. As it is said, Sex & Sexuality are no longer a new term to be discovered. Having said this, for sure, many aspects of sexual behavior still require in-depth attention and research. One can define it as a process that requires unconditional indulgence which ultimately lead to the expression of Joy of extase. And, the various steps may include mate finding, attracting a partner, physical, emotional and sexual contact and finally sexual act. However, as we all know, Sexual activity also encompasses sexual intercourse, oral sex and masturbation. In some cultures sexual activity is accepted only after marriage, but in all societies premarital and extramarital sex is not uncommon today. Most individuals participate in the sexual activity because of the sexual pleasure they experience from the orgasm. The successful, pleasant sexual activities include the sexual intercourse and masturbation.

So, I would conclude that, there is no difference between a Men and Women in the eyes of Nature and its gift of evolution. All the aspects of Sex and Sexuality, is equally gifted to Women as gifted to Men. Both genders are equally capable to manage, and act to their capacities. Both can act responsibly as good society citizens. Both are unique. Gift of God.

So the question remains – When do we wake up and start being natural as the Nature wanted us to be!

God Bless You!

Source by Krishna H B V

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