Secrets of the Big Dogs Program: Is Stan Stuchinski Lying?

Stan Stuchinski’s Secrets of the Big Dogs website proclaims,

“YOU!… are about to become a thoroughbred of Internet

Marketing!”. Granted, this may simply be an example of

copywriting hype. Certainly it would be easy to argue that

this is a ridiculous statement that has no basis in reality. But

I beg to differ. I believe there is a seed of truth in it.

Of course it is impossible to be transformed from a novice

internet marketer into a professional overnight. Just like a

baby can’t go straight from crawling to driving Formula 1

racecars! A baby can only grow so fast. And, to continue

the metaphor, all parents can do is to do their best to guide

their children along a path that leads to them being able to

reach towards their potential. Still, there are no guarantees.

Some children will become successful, and some won’t.

So I interpret Stan’s words as meaning that following his

path will give you the potential of becoming a professional

internet marketer. This is the seed of truth I was talking


The Secrets of the Big Dogs program teaches fundamental

marketing concepts, such as: testing and tracking, reverse

advertising, copywriting, self-funded leads, upselling,

follow-up, email marketing, automatic leads generation, and

automatic advertising.

These concepts are the fundamentals of effective internet

marketing. The fact that several very successful internet

marketers had successful runs in the Big Dogs program,

is evidence of the solid marketing concepts that the program

teaches. Just to name a few, successful marketers such as Chris

Gibson, Juan Walker, Brian Garvin, Tom Bell, and Miles Baker,

all experienced success with the Big Dogs program.

Still, of course, many people experience failure in the program.

It is a fact that most affiliate marketers fail across-the-board.

Certainly the Big Dogs program is not the right program for

everyone. But everyone has to start somewhere. While the

Secrets of the Big Dogs program may not take practitioners to

the destination they desire, it will put them on the right path.

Source by Steven D. Crawford

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