Resignation Letter, An Advance Notice For Job Quitting

You may have landed a better job in another company or working conditions in the present company may not be to your satisfaction, what course of action, you should take to leave the present organization? You can simply write a Resignation letter, showing your intention of quitting the job.

There are various below given reasons, why an employee may quit his/her present job:

• Poor working conditions or environment

• Better job opportunity

• Unsatisfactory jobs

• Change of place

• Poor remuneration

• Family commitments

• Distant Location

• Physical Ailments

An employee planning to quit his job, due to any of these conditions, writes a job termination letter to the organization, intimating them of his wish to leave the service of the company.

Employment Resignation Letter can be defined, as an advance letter or notice, to the HR manager, head of the concerned department or the employer of the organization, informing them of his desire to quit the service of the company. It is also advisable that, the worker should give advance job quitting notice of few weeks or months, to help the company to make certain replacement or alternative arrangements.

The Company Policies and Hiring Agreement, signed by the employee at the time of joining the organization also contain, certain conditions, for job quitting or service termination and, advance Resignation Letter is one of these conditions.

Job terminating letters are formal and should be written in simple, short and concise manner. The employee should be polite and honest in his writing, and should give sufficient reasons for job termination. The letter must also inform the date, from when the resignation is applicable.

By writing such job terminating letter in advance, the employee also follows company policies and maintains cordial relation with the employer. Staying in the good book of the employer in future is also very important because, during reference check by another company, appreciative words from the previous employer become very essential. The employee may also need the reference of the employer, while applying for another job.

If you are not proficient in job quitting letter writing, you can easily download template of such letters from numerous Internet site and write them as per your need.

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