Recruit the Right Person with the Right Interview Questions

Below is a carefully selected number of interview questions for your hiring process. The headings will assist you in deciding which to chose. Most of the questions are ones which lead to other questions which you can begin with a “why?” “when?” ” where?” “what ?”


Tell me about your greatest strengths? What would be the greatest asset you’ll bring to our company?

What is your greatest weakness? How do you plan to resolve it?

Tell me about the favourite job you have held, and what role did your boss play in making it so?

What was your least favourite job you have held, and what role did your supervisor play in making it so?

Tell me about your expectations of this job? What are you looking for?

Give me a Brief History of …. (the interviewee)

Tell me what you know about this company?

Why are you here?

What can you do for us?

What kind of a person are you?

How do your colleagues (or supervisor) describe you?

Can we afford you?

What attracted you to this job?

Is your resume completely accurate?


What do you think are the broad responsibilities of this job that you are applying for?

What particular knowledge and skills would you bring to the job?

What aspects of your current/last job do you consider most useful? most important?

How will the knowledge and skills learned and developed in your present/last job benefit our company?

What area of your skills (knowledge, attitudes) do you still need to improve upon?

What is your time schedule for accomplishing this?

What workplace attitudes do you consider most beneficial in the work you do?

Why did you leave your last job? or, why do you want to leave your current job?

What are your weaknesses? What did your previous boss see as your shortcomings?

What skills do you have relating to ….(the topic)?

What technical skills do you think you have? What skills do you lack?

How long would it take you to come fully up to speed if you were to get this job?


How do you see your career advancing over the next five years?

Why did you chose your present profession ( or trade or line of work)?

Tell us about any time you were laid off?

If you don’t get this job, what will you do ?

Where do you see yourself in five years

If you were to get this job and if you had your choice, what would you like to do during the first month?

Describe how you progressed through the ranks and landed in your current/last position?

What will you do if we don’t hire you?

How have you reinvented or redefined your current/last job to meet company needs?

What should, or should have been, your next logical move in progression at your current /last job? Why did it not transpire?

When you retire, what do you most want to be remembered for?

In the ……. industry, layoffs are common even for outstanding people, have you ever been laid off, and how did you deal with it (or how would you deal with it if it were to happen?

Why are you considering leaving your present job?

What aspects of your current work do you consider most crucial?

What would you say are the most important features of this job?

What words have work colleagues (or your supervisor)used to describe you?


How do you define “Corporate Culture” ?

Every company, including this company, has its dysfunctional quota. How dysfunctional was your current/last company and how much tolerance do you have for dealing with its shortcomings?

In what kind of corporate culture do you thrive?

If you were to get this job, how would you try to influence the corporate culture?

If you suspect that a colleague is helping him/herself very liberally to company materials and supplies repeatedly, what action, if any, do you take?


What makes you stand out among your peers?

What have you done in your last/current job to increase your companies top-line revenues?

What have you specifically done to reduce the companies operating costs?

Why should we hire you in preference to the others we are interviewing for this job?

What has been your most creative achievement in your last/current jo

What do those reporting to you say is your most enduring quality?

Tell me about a project you were involved in, that you consider to be a great success. What was your involvement and what was the outcome?

Please describe what you consider to be your top three strengths, and, if possible, tell me how these attributes would fit into and help our company grow.

How long would it take you to come fully up to speed in this job

How much structure, direction and feedback, do you need to excel?


In regard to managing your staff, do you “expect” more than you “inspect”. Or visa versa?

How do you discipline a staff member who repeatedly comes to work ½ hr late?

How do you deal with a staff member who is clearly very bright, but spends quite a lot of time looking for like mind to gossip to?

Give us an example of how tough you can be with your staff?

Can you give me an example of a time you were involved in a really highly-efficient team. What was the project you were jointly working on?

What was your contribution?

Can you give me an example of a time you were involved in a team that didn’t work well together and more importantly, what did you do to try to get the team back on track?

How do you deal with a chronically problematic person who nevertheless is productive?

How do you typically confront subordinates where it is necessary?

How do you monitor your staff’s performance?

What kind of staff behavior gets you really angry? do you consider intolerable?

Tell us of a situation when you made an unpopular decision; and what were the consequences? How did you deal with it?

How do you go about setting goals for your employees?


How do you balance your career with your personal life?

How do you react to overtime work?

How do you know when you have done sufficient work on a project?

At what pace do you typically work?

Are you willing to work overtime? Travel on the weekends so the company can get lower airfares?

Have you ever been called a workaholic? Do you consider yourself a wokaholic?

Where are you on the “work smart….work hard” continuum?


What is it about clients that make you impatient?

What makes you impatient (mad, angry) about those that report to you?

Describe your persona which is predominant in the workplace?

We’ve all encountered a difficult client/customer. Can you think of a time this happened to you and how you dealt with it?

Describe a work situation where you encountered conflict with another employee. What were the circumstances? How did you resolve the conflict? What was the outcome?

Give us an instance when you behaved at work in a manner that you latger regretted


Give us an example of an innovation you initiated to keep abreast of, or ahead of, changes in the industry

How do you encourage your staff to be innovative and creative, on the one hand, but to continue being productive on the other hand?

Sometimes change can be radical, dramatic and stressful?

If you have experienced something like this how did you react?

How did you help your staff?


Tell us about your last performance appraisal? Did you agree with your supervisor?

How would you go about telling your supervisor that you disagree with him/her on a serious moral issue effecting one of your staff members?

What do you do if you know your supervisor has behaved in an unethical or dishonest manner on an issue affecting the company

On what matters do you agree with your supervisor most often? Disagree?

How would your supervisor grade with your ability to deal with major last minute changes to a project?

How do you communicate with upper management? Those who report to you?


How do you rank among the other salespeople in terms of your production?

What are the two most objections you face and how do you deal with them?

What one objection do you most dread getting…and how do you deal with it

Role play with me if you will. Convince me that the product you sell is worth my time and money.

Describe your closing style?

How many times in the last 2 years have you failed to reach your quota? What did you do about it?

Tell me about your quality ratios. How many prospects do you typically meet with before closing a sale?

What sales skills do you consider important in a job like this?

Take us through one of your recent, more complex sale cycles?

How would you describe your sales style? What sales skills do you still lack?

Tell me about a time when your morale was low, and what you did about it?

I personally think that it a waste of time following leads for more than 3 months? Do you agree?

Tell us how you motive yourself and keep upbeat?

What do you dislike about most sales your conduct?

What rewards are most satisfying to you?

How do you plan your typical sales week?

What kind of people do you like to sell to?

When you don’t meet your sales quota, how do you deal with it?

Sales people have to face rejection as a part of the process. How do you personally deal with the rejection?


When can you start working?

What benefits do you expect?

Are you having other interviews?

What are your salary expectations?

In your professional opinion, how much do you think a job like this should pay

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