Re-Cycle Your Email List for Instant Cash Profits

Creating instant cash profits from your in-house email list involves repurposing that email list and using it for postcard mailings as well as telephone-broadcasts. Re-purposing your email list is cost effective.

You can reuse your email list in a variety of online and offline promotions. Using a “green” mindset” may help you see more green in your bank account. Recycle your email list to increase your profits.

Many experts agree that email marketing delivers the highest return-on-investment compared to any other online medium. The prospects that did not respond to your email marketing campaign might respond to a postcard that directs them to your website.

For offline advertising, the Postal Service suggests that postcards receive the best response. The United States Postal Service states that “postcards are more than six times as likely to be read as compared with direct mail letters”. For marketers, it is a wise investment to try multiple strategies for getting new customers and to increase cash profits.

The high level of competition for the attention of online buyers grows daily. There is so much marketing noise that your message may not be heard. Using a variety of online and offline marketing techniques to get the attention of perspective buyers just makes good business sense.

Postcard marketing is one of those proven marketing concepts that have been around for years. Marketing with postcards has proven to be a very effective way to build your business for the longterm. Many 6-7 figure earners claim that postcard marketing has provides the most highly targeted buyers and visitors to their website.

Some reasons for using postcards include:

• Postcards do not have to be opened.

• Postcards get immediate attention.

• The ability to add color and graphic gets the reader’s attention.

• Postcards are not subject to spam filters

These are the reason that many online marketers are turning to offline marketing techniques like flyers and postcards to reach an offline audience. Postcard marketing is emerging as a fast and profitable way to realize a 2% conversion rate from mailings.

Sending postcards to your email list is one of those old ideas that give new life to your marketing campaigns. When you receive a post card from someone, what is the first thing you do? Turn the post card over, to see who sent it. It is a natural reaction. What better way to market your business and get noticed?

It is surprising that lead vendors for postcard marketing do not send your list via the computer. These vendors choose to mail the list to the buyer. However if you have cultivated your own list it can be sorted and printed from your computer. You might want to include a free gift incentive when sending your postcards to get more attention. You might want to encourage your list to register at your website for a prize that you offer.

Depending on the data that you receive from your email list, you can sort your data in a variety of ways. You can sort this database by zip code to find out how many of your potential customers live in or near your area. You can print labels and attach them to your postcards. Start out by sending just a few hundred cards to track the return on your investment.

You can direct your postcard readers directly to your webpage or have your customer call a 1-800 number to listen to your message. The strategy you use is up to you. Using your list in multiple ways will widen your reach and grow your business and increase your profits. You can increase your Return on Investment (ROI) by utilizing your list email list is more innovative ways.

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