Perpetual Leverage – The Most Amazing Compensation Plan Ever Created!

I have done many research and comparison on compensation plan of MLM, Network Marketing companies, Home-Based Businesses, and nothing compares to the most amazing and powerful Perpetual Leverage pay structure. What makes Perpetual Leverage such a powerful and lucrative compensation plan is that, there are always two people get paid on every sale made in your organization, on every level, every leg through unlimited width and unlimited depth.

Let's use $ 1,000 commission as an example to illustrate this pay structure. Lets say if you work on a very conservative part-time basis and make only two sales a month. If you sponsor only one person a month, and that will be 6 people in your team on the 6th month. If each of them make only two sales a month, that's $ 12,000 a month residual income for the rest of your life. Again, that's only on a part-time basis.

When ever they make a sale, you are going to make $ 1,000, so are they. When ever the people they sponsor make a sale, they will also earn $ 1,000. That makes everyone extremely motivated to sell. If those 6 people make only two sales a month, that's $ 12,000 a month residual income to you just from your first level. You can organize co-op advertising campaigns to make your whole organization grow. What if you had 10 people in your front line, you will make $ 1,000 every time they make a sale. What if those 10 people make one or two sales a week? You do the math, it is just mind boggling.

What's so amazing about Perpetual Leverage, is every sale they ever make, creates a pay leg, a pay line that is going to pay you on every level, every leg to infinite depth. This compensation is unreal, you are going to have people aside from your front line team members that when ever they make a sale, you make $ 1,000 commission. People on level 3, level 5, level 8, level 12, and as your organization grows, you are going to have people from every level, every leg through unlimited depth in which every single time they make a sale, you make a $ 1,000 commission .

With 1-up and 2-up pay plan, if you only sponsor one person and you walk away without doing anything else, you will never make any money. With Perpetual Leverage, it is just the opposite. If you only sponsored one person, and that one person went out and built a front line team of 10 members, and if those 10 people each brought in one, that's $ 10,000 you would make on your 3rd level. When those 10 each got one, that's $ 10,000 on your 4th level, your 6th level, your 8th level, and every level through unlimited depth. That's a lot of money along the way when your organization starts to grow. It is a dream come true for network marketers, Internet marketers, entrepreneurs, home-based business operators, and for direct sales people, it is a gold mine.

Currently, there is only one company that I know of has combined the powerful Perpetual Leverage as their Compensation Plan.

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