New Opportunities In Dictation Transcription

Dictation transcription is transcribing what is dictated. Transcription companies receive digital audio files from clients via direct transfer to a secured FTP site, through email, by downloading from a website (URL) and through telephone dictation. Some transcription companies can provide an 800 number, unlimited storage capacity and simultaneously record hundreds of dictations. Technology is capable of recording interviews, conference calls and any kind of dictation.

Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small businesses, and corporations in most industries today recognize the benefits of using digital dictation and digital transcription services. They can access digital dictation and audio transcription from their office or home, or from just about anywhere and they like the convenience of 24/7 dictation services.

You do not have to learn medical or legal terminology to make a living with transcription work. There are other kinds of transcription work that are easier to get into. There are great opportunities for doing dictation transcription and other general transcription jobs.

Unlike medical or legal transcription, you do not need to take an additional course to learn another trade. You also do not have to spend a significant amount of money to begin working as a general transcriptionist. The resources you need to take advantage of general transcription jobs are within your reach.

Start by assessing your typing skills. There are tools on the internet to test your typing skills. You do not need to be a really fast typist to get started. Although, the faster you can type, the faster you'll finish your transcription jobs and can do more jobs and the faster you'll get money. Some employers might require you to provide the results of your typing test.

You will also need excellent English and grammar skills. There is a wealth of information available on the Internet that is useful for transcriptionists. Check out grammar check sites, help sites and practice sites to improve your grammar.

In most cases, employers simply require you to go through a transcription test by giving you a five to ten minute audio file to work on. You may fail if you have typos, grammar, or punctuation mistakes. You will usually get several chances to redo the transcription test if you failed it the first time. Find out what kind of errors you made before redoing the test and do not repeat the same mistakes the next time.

If you have the basic skills required, one of the first things you should know is where to find transcription jobs. You want to make sure to accept jobs from legitimate companies only – otherwise, you might end up not getting paid for your work.

Once you land transcription jobs, it will be easy to get repeat business. Businesses usually choose to outsource their transcription needs to transcriptionists who have established a level of credibility. Your challenge as a new transcriptionist will be to break into the industry by getting your first job and build your credibility.

There are tried and tested formulas for success in dictation transcription. Others before you who have succeeded in the transcription business can give you tips and valuable information to help you get started.

Work-at-home transcription blogs, forums, support sites and books are available to give you the assistance you need in most everything from setting up your transcription business to choosing transcription equipment and software, down to what you can do to expand your transcription business further.

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