Network Marketing Sccess: Happy Easter

It’s Friday morning, in fact it is Good Friday and for many it is a deeply spiritual day. I would like to talk to you today about spirituality and our beliefs. Without elaborating, there were substantial contradictions and confusion in my early life and for many years I was driven away from spirituality. It took me many years to decide whether or not there is indeed something bigger than us mere mortals.

If one peers into the cosmos and contemplates the view, it is (in my opinion) impossible to not conclude that something bigger than us is operating. Estimates claim there are between 100 billion and 500 billion galaxies in the universe each one of which contains 100’s of billions of stars. The universe is expanding continuously. What is it expanding into? What else is there? How can there not be something bigger than us?

Some people call it source, some call it God, some call it energy, but it is there and it is bigger than us. I have come to the conclusion now that, no matter what name you attach, it exists and is operating daily.

I think the important thing I want to say today, on this day that for many people is a solemn religious day is, “We are not alone”. I am absolutely 100% convinced that there is something much bigger than us. It guides us, points us in a direction, but it doesn’t do it for us. “It” doesn’t come down from the cosmos and intervene in our daily affairs.

Our daily affairs are up to us. We get to choose. The bible says that, “The lord helps him who helps himself”. So don’t expect it to be done for you, expect to do it. Expect to work hard to achieve your objectives for success in network marketing. Expect that if you open up your mind and your heart and listen carefully, the universe will guide you. It will point the direction for you. It will hold your hand and walk beside you, but it will not carry you. You have to walk the walk yourself.

Happy Easter to those of you who are my Christian friends. For those of you with other religious beliefs, whatever your beliefs are, I respect you and I respect your right to believe as you see fit for your life. And it is my fervent wish that everyone on earth will learn to respect everyone else on earth and their religious beliefs, no matter what they are. After all, isn’t that the message of the great prophets?

Wasn’t that what Jesus tried to teach? Tolerance and respect for each other no matter what?

Source by Len Mooney

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