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So I was really excited about my new MLM opportunity and I did not listen to my upline’s advice.

I picked up my phone and called one of my best friends!

“Hey man, I have something really important to talk to you about, I can’t explain it over the phone, so I am coming over to your place tonight!”

He said OK and I slammed down the phone! I thought to myself “Phew, that wasn’t so hard!”

Today, thinking back to what I did back then! “Boy, how stupid I was!”

Because I did no qualifying at all, I just went to my best friend’s home, blasted away like a machine gun while he listened to me blasting away.

And after I finally finished blasting away my presentation, flipping my flip chart, demonstrating how my skincare products, yada yada yada!

Man! I think back about it today, I can’t believe I actually applied some exfoliant scrub on my best friend’s hands! He must have been totally grossed out!

But I actually believed that he would either buy my products or join my business! That obviously did not happen. He just gave me the courtesy of listening to my presentation and at the end of it all, he said “It looks good. You try it first. I’ll think about it.” But he never bought anything from me, let alone join my business.

So people, you really really must not repeat my mistakes.

Invitation is simple, but you must have the right timing and know what to say! It takes a bit of practice at first, but everyone will be able to get it easily.

Now, let’s go back to the step by step process which is to first!

1. Do your names list.

With the advent of the Internet, websites, email and video DVD technology! we no longer have to call our contacts, get them out for a face to face 2 hour presentation and pray that they join our business!

2. Qualify them and sort out the 5 stars from the zero stars, the MLM Leaders from the Time Wasters.

3. Find out their needs using the F.O.R.M technique.

4. Start inviting them according to their needs! I am going to focus on step 4 now.

Technology has automated our “Qualification” process.

Instead of inviting our contacts for a meetup to present the business opportunity, all we have to do is pick up the phone, call their number and say this!


YOU: “Hi Dennis, do you have a minute?”

DENNIS: “Yeh sure, what’s up?”

YOU: “I have some good news. I just started a new business and I am looking for some business partners. I thought you might be interested in looking at this.” DENNIS: “Ok, what’s it about?”

YOU: “Ok, tell you what, the business proposal is explained on my website. Are you able to check it later today?”

DENNIS: “Yes sure.”

YOU: “You got a pen and paper? Write it down.”

DENNIS: “Ok. Go ahead.”

YOU: “It’s (”

DENNIS: “Ok. Got it.”

YOU: “Great, check it out later today and I’ll call you back tomorrow. Everything is explained clearly there. Now, time is of the essence, so promise me you will check it today alright?”

DENNIS: “Will do man. I’ll check it right now. Talk to you after i see it.”

Now, did that sound so hard? Can you pick up the phone, call someone and ask them to check out a website? Of course you can. It’s SO EASY.

Now if it’s someone you bump into on the street or at an event, just hand out your namecard and do this!

“Here’s my namecard and that’s my website address, I am looking for business partners, so if you are keen to explore a new business opportunity, check out my website today and give me a call.”

Or if you happen to have a DVD video CD with you on hand and you know that this is a 3 to 5 star prospect on your list, just pass them the DVD and say!

“Now this DVD contains my business proposal on video. Watch it today and let me know what you think. Now, I only have 5 copies so I will need this back from you after you have watched it today. I’ll be calling you to pick it up from you tomorrow.”

Some companies also have a magazine that is designed to explain the business opportunity to the prospects that you lend them to. You can also use that as a invitational tool.

So I hope you get my point here!

Today, we no longer invite people for a BUSINESS PRESENTATION face to face, in a hotel or at the office anymore. It’s too HIGH PRESSURE!

Instead, we invite people to:

1. Visit a websiteNow, that’s called LOW PRESSURE, HIGH LEVERAGE!

2. Watch a DVD Movie

3. Read a Magazine

Anyone can do it, and you can easily do that to anyone you meet.

Be it someone you met face to face at an event, or someone you chatted up online.

While you are sleeping, your prospect might be researching your website, watching your DVD business presentation or reading about your opportunity, products, company background on your magazine.

In this day and age, if your company does not have all these powerful invitational tools to make your invitation and presentation process totally 100% SIMPLIFIED, AUTOMATED and DUPLICATED!

Either you can continue doing it the OLD SCHOOL way which is! “I have to meet up with you and explain everything!”, then you go through a 1-2 hour flipchart presentation or laptop PowerPoint presentation and after that, it’s a 50/50 chance.

It’s either a YES or a NO. But you have already invested 2 hours and that time could have been spent calling another qualified prospect, giving out a namecard, DVD or magazine.

“Direct Salespeople Sell, Network Marketers SORT!”

What the NEW SCHOOL MLM Leaders do is to sort through their ever-growing list of qualified prospects by leveraging simple, automated, duplicable tools that do all the presenting and convincing for them.

Today, I will never meet up with anyone who has not gone through my qualification process. Until that suspect has seen my website, watched my DVD or read my magazine and they convinced themselves that they are really really interested in joining my business! I will not agree to meet up. Because I can be inviting more people into my qualification funnel.

Think about it like a funnel, that channels all the people I invite to go through that funnel, where they get qualified step by step and when they come out at the other end, they will be calling me. And all I have to do is answer their questions and clear up their doubts.

Then finally I just need to pop the BIG question, “So are you an A-Big Business Builder, B-Small Business Builder or C-Product User?”

So if you’re someone who is still stuck in the OLD SCHOOL days! and you feel that you will be happier if you can build your business using the NEW SCHOOL ways that I am talking about above, either you wait for your company to embrace technology and create these systems and tools or! you create those tools yourself!

Else you might want to consider looking for a company that does provide these systems.

As I mentioned earlier, inviting is so simple, that anyone can do it. And now, with the low pressure methods above!

I am sure anyone in MLM or Network Marketing will be able to invite a prospect to understand more about their business.

Source by Dennis Bay

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