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MDF instruments started handcrafting medical instruments in 1971. They have used an artisan tradition by master craftsmen that has been perfected over the years to make super-duty, high performance medical tools that meet the toughest requirements of precision and accuracy. These advanced technical solutions along with the best materials have given MDF designers and engineers the ability to take advantage of the latest technologies. MDF Instruments is a privately owned American company that competes head-to-head with 3M Littmann and Welch Allyn, enabling MDF to compare their MDF 777 MD One Stainless Steel Dual Head Stethoscope with Littmann Classic ll SE.

100% Stainless Steel: Littmann uses aluminum binaurals in the Classic II SE, which makes it a little lighter, but is actually a cost-saving technique that sacrifices sound quality.  Because the MD One is all stainless steel (chestpiece and binaural), it will feel slightly heavier but the acoustics are superior because stainless steel conducts sound significantly faster than aluminum.

Floating diaphragm: More stable for auscultation compared to the tunable diaphragm of Littmann. The MDF diaphragm is also larger to cover more surface area.

Full rotational acoustic stem with Green Indicator Dot to switch the active sound channel between diaphragm and bell. (Littmann does not have this feature.)

Premium Insulated PVC tubing: Stronger, thicker, and more durable than other brands.  Also helps seal in sound for proper diagnosis. The tubing of the MD One is one inch longer to allow more space between the health professional and the patient.

Stainless Steel Ergonomax Headset: Longer binaural than other brands which allows a more comfortable and universal fit. Features a patented double-spring hinge that is extremely durable and adjustable for custom fitting.

ComfortSealTM eartips: Soft eartips seal out extraneous noise and are clear in color for hygienic purposes. The eartip bushing is force fit rather than screwed on to prevent threading and wearing.

Accessories included: 2 extra sets of eartips, ID tag, and spare diaphragm with Free Replacement Parts for Life. (No other company offers this.)

Lifetime Warranty with a 5 year warranty on tubing. (Compared to a 3 year warranty on Littmann Classic II SE.)

“Littmann® is a registered trademark of 3M”

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