Make Money With My Computer – It’s Your Slave – Put it to Work!

I get asked the question a lot “How do I make money with my computer?” Well the answer to that question is very simple…you just put it to work for you! Seems straight forward doesn’t it? It really is that easy, the problem that we are faced with is what type of work do we get it to do?

Before I answer that question I want you to know that my answer to this question is not the only answer, what I mean by that is there are literally hundreds if not thousands of different ways that I could make money with my computer and on top of that there are millions of different products and services that you can then use to make that money.

So how then can this article help you in your quest to make money with your computer? Well what you are going to have to do is some research and reading to see what method you want to use to put your computer to work for you. In the mean time my opinion might be a good place to start. So let’s get to it.

If you talk to one of my business partners Bob Proctor he would probably tell you that if you want to make money you need to have multiple sources of income. In fact he would probably tell you that you need multiple sources of income that generate revenue even when you’re not working them, you set them up once and let them keep growing on their own.

This is the philosophy that I also subscribe to and in my opinion works very well. You are going to want to set up as many as you can…start with one and move on to another and then another. Now some of them will produce small incomes and others will be big, don’t worry about that as they feed into the same account and the sum total is what you are after.

For me, I make money with my computer using many different techniques, again some of them produce small and other big, but they all produce.

I started with a network marketing company and the reason I did this is because I wanted lots of free training to help me get my head around selling and marketing. You could do the same or you could also go out and just find some experts, a lot of them give courses away for free on how to make money with using your computer.

Another big one that I would recommend is affiliate programs, I sell other peoples products or services in return for an affiliate commission, I would encourage this method of making money as it doesn’t require you to have to have your own product and often times they will pay you commissions upwards of 50%, so it works well. On top of that once you start driving a lot of traffic to a certain product and since you have the traffic secrets that their market is looking for then you may decide to create your own similar product…I am an affiliate to many products because it is easy and free to do so.

I also offer other products for free, now this sounds funny but in fact it is very smart since then you can build lists that you can market products to forever…now this one is a little more difficult, because you don’t want to spam people and you don’t want to just send out adds. You actually have to offer them something of value and then recommend products that you use and endorse. For this NEVER market a product or service that you would not use…It is your reputation on the line.

Again there are many methods for making money with your computer. What ever method you choose to use for making money the key is to be able to drive traffic to your sites.

So while you are looking for something to sell or some audience to market to, you will also want to stay on the lookout for different ways to drive traffic to your sites because traffic is the key to making money…once I learned how to drive traffic to I started to make a lot of money with my computer. That is a topic for another day.

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