Main Features and Benefits of Lead Capture Pages (Landing Pages) and Follow-Up Campaign

A landing page, or lead capture page is the page that is designed to get customer information. This is the first page that a client/customer will see when they click on an ad you have placed somewhere. Most people make sure that their lead capture contains directed sales copy. Your ad got them to click on the link, now the lead capture page is going to motivate them to at least tell you who they are and how you can get in touch with them. In short, landing pages help improve conversion rates.

Benefits of the Landing Page

Reap rewards from your page. You landing page:

1) Offers a better user experience because it allows your visitor to go directly to what the website visitor came looking for.

2) Improves conversion rates. When visitors come to your website through traditional search methods, they are able to freely navigate through your website, viewing what they want at their leisure. Coming to your website through a landing page gives them the information that they were looking for, leading them directly to an order button, sign up button or something similar.

3) Measures the effectiveness of your promotions and marketing. Your landing page will allow you to see how effective the external link to it is. If you know how many people received an email from you, plus the number of people who clicked on the link to see the landing page, this information will help you determine how successful or effective your email campaign is, for instance.

Follow-Up Campaign

Email marketing builds relationships!

The benefits of a follow-up campaign include relationship building with your customers. Though your website visitors may not have purchased anything, they did provide you with an email address which allows you to reach out to them periodically, sharing new information and offering them new products, free reports, etc.

Plus hot leads turn cold quickly, so setting up a follow-up campaign can get those that were interested but not completely convinced to convert. Sometimes this can be done by offering a freebie along with the purchase.

Following up means you can share news and announcements, too. For instance, think: new product development. Perhaps the product or service you had to offer wasn’t quite what the website visitor was looking for. Following up with those visitors can give you insight on how to improve an existing product or service or create a new one. All of these efforts and a good many more can bring interested people to your lead capture page where they will enter their information and help you build your list.

Local Search Visibility

Today’s marketing techniques have come a long way from the good old days where word of mouth and local advertising efforts, confined to newspapers and signage, were the best choices. With the advent of new technology, these mainstays of the past are no longer the most effective means of getting the word out about products that every consumer must have. Local search visibility is what it takes to get business products in front of the masses and make the sales that are necessary to favorably affect the bottom line.

Today, there are a wide variety of devices that create a favorable climate for you, the marketer, to advertise your wares. Personal computers have long been known as a good source for generating traffic to a store front, whether that store front is an actual physical location or one in the virtual world. However, the cell phone is now coming into its own as a quick source of reference for anything the consumer needs to get to fast.

Using search engines, whether on a PC at your desk or on your phone you will be sure to locate what you are after and locate it in record time. In order to get your business found by those looking for what you have to offer, you first have to do a number of things, and that begins with getting your business listed on the search engines.

1) Google Places

2) Yahoo Local


4) Citysearch

5) Yelp


7) AOL Local

Other things you can do increase your local search visibility would be to join organizations that provide a place to network with other business owners, and provide a channel for feed back on the way you do business. One of the best things that you can do to create favorable feedback is to provide your customers with quality customer service right along with great products.

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