Leverage the Power of Ten in Tenacity to Increase Sales

What would happen if you took every action and multiplied it by ten? How would these actions increase sales? To do so would require tenacity and leveraging the power of ten within that very same word.

For a moment, just imagine all of the improved results that you could realize from loyal customers to increase sales by applying the power of 10 to your daily marketing plan and sales strategies. When the power of 10 is applied, you are truly being tenacious and demonstrating the key word within tenacious – ten.

Let’s put the power of ten to three different scenarios.

Scenario One

Within your sales statistics, you know that for every 100 calls you get 20 appointments. From those 20 appointments, you make 15 second appointments and eventually secure 10 commitments. Your sales to close ratio is ten to one.

To meet your current sales goal, you must make on average 50 calls per week or 10 per day. So it takes 2 weeks to get one order based upon your sales statistics. This is why it is so critical to track all of your sales activities. By increasing the total weekly calls by 10 per day, you now will be getting one sale per week instead of one sale every other week.

Scenario Two

The day is almost over and you still have many unanswered emails that seem to continually grow day after day. Currently, you have easily 100 emails that need to be addressed and some are over a month old.

Instead of leaving, you make a commitment to take care of the 5 newest emails and the 5 oldest emails. Within one month, you have eliminated all of the old emails and are up to date with the incoming emails.

Every day, you continue to address 10 emails at the end of the day. And you now feel less stress and very positive about your own sales productivity.

Scenario Three

You have a proposal and through the technology of cut and paste you have it quickly done and ready to go. Instead of making the call to schedule the face to face appointment because you know not to email proposals, you set it aside for 10 minutes.

Then you take 10 minutes to slowly reread and discover numerous mistakes from simple typographical errors to actual incomplete thoughts and even some number errors. You correct all the errors and reprint it.

When you have that face to face meeting, you now feel more confident about your proposal knowing that is the best that it can be.

The power of 10 is a tremendous sales strategy. When consistently applied (key word is consistently), you will definitely realize your sales goal to increase sales.

Source by Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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