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RLSA, is an acronym for Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. This can be a powerful method of marketing. To get started with RLSA you must create your target audience from your website visitors, for example, by placing a pixel in various parts of your website. Depending on where you place your pixels you would create an audience of people – segmented into a special list. Maybe your pixel is on your landing page or your thank you page. When your visitor arrives at that place in your site – Google places a cookie on the browser of your visitor and labels them according to what you named them, for example, Visitor or Converted customer, etcetera.

When your target audience is ready, you can up your bid with Google so that when one of the visitors on your list appears on a Google search – Google sees that visitor and will up your bid for that visitor based on your keyword. If your bid for that keyword is adequate, then your ad is more likely to show higher on the page.

To put this another way, you can increase your conversion rates by up to 70% by serving ads in Google Search Results to people that have already been to your site. Once a user visits your website, after they leave, you can advertise to them in Google Search Results. You really can!

With RLSA, you can serve up your ads to users that have already expressed interest by visiting your website. More importantly, you can do this directly in Google Search Results or on Facebook, where the highest converting users are. This little used marketing strategy can separate you above the rest and drive your sales through the roof.

There are many places to find information about retargeting in both Google and Facebook. Search out information on:

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· Retargeting Pixels and Creating Custom Audiences for Dirt-cheap Laser Targeted Traffic

· Tracking Pixels Conversion Pixels Retargeting and Custom Audiences Decoded

If you want to fly with online marketing “eagles” in the morning then it is time to learn what RLSA is, how it works and why you should absolutely be using it for your online domination strategy. Find a good informational source and develop your skill-set. Learn how to get users – who have abandoned shopping carts or left your site without signing up – to return and make that conversion.

If you want to go to the next level then do not pass up the insights in this article. Learn the best way to turn leads to conversions after they have left your website.

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