ISN Coins – Why All the Buzz?

ISN Coins or International Silver Network has exploded into the Network Marketing scene out of nowhere and done extremely well. The US, Indiana based Silver MLM company has done what so far all others have lacked to do, and because of this International Silver Network also known as (ISN Coins) is growing rapidly!

ISN Coins has positioned itself in from of a major trend that is soon to explode. Many believe that there has never been in the history of the world a better time than now to jump into silver assets, and with the ISN Coins Platform and program, they seem to have eliminated all the hurdles when compared to others.

Relevant is an understatement when speaking of silver and gold coins, in this economy what product is more logical to buy, to sell, to collect, or to auto-ship, than a non-consumed silver asset, which at the very least will act as a hedge against inflation, and at the very best has the potential to make huge gains. I’m sure you’ve noticed on TV the “we buy gold” commercials, as well as the “buy gold” commercials. As the middle class gets squeezed because a loss of purchasing power they are being prompted to turn in their gold for money. And at the same time many are getting ripped off because most of these dealers are only paying between 30 and 60% of the melt value of the gold. Just as an FYI if you do choose to turn in your gold for cash take no less than 75% of the melt value. I prefer 85% but you’ll be real lucky to get that.

Why this rush to silver? It is not every day that you have the ability to purchase a finite resource that is at the peak of its demand with not nearly enough supply. Silver is not only consumed in industry such as in computers, cell phones, satellites, Military Weapons, Food products, and the list literally goes on, but it is also a commodity and has more and more investor demand every day. With the emerging markets such as India, Japan, and China, there is a huge potential for silver to jump by huge percentages. But that’s only one side of the coin. On the other side of the coin you have the problem of “currency inflation” in the United States and around the world. This alone causes everything including silver, gold, crude oil, food, etc. etc. etc. to increase in price. Currently we are witnessing huge price increases in the price of wheat, corn, and almost all commodities. Unless the federal government stops printing US dollars to pay off the debt our dollar will become completely worthless. And for more information on this subject I highly suggest that you Google “National Inflation Association” and watch all of the videos, especially “The Dollar Bubble”.

Today, less than five percent of Americans have purchased any silver coins. Yet the collectible coins market has jumped to 120 billion dollars per year worldwide. The trend has become a major Bull, and the Bull is only getting stronger. As people realize that the dollar is in big trouble the more people will run to silver and gold, and by default network marketers will turn to the best silver coin mlm’s in the industry. And ISN Coins is exactly that.

After taking a good look at all of the silver affiliate programs such as the Silversnowball, or MLM’s such as Numis Network, POW, and Younique it seems that ISN Coins is the most balanced. I may be wrong, but that is my personal opinion. The economy has really put a hurt on many, and ISN Coins made it very easy to join at a very affordable one time buy in of $149.

There is also a DSR or “Direct Sales Rep” position that only cost’s $19.99 per month, and with just 2 people enrolled you actually are in the green in this position and can upgrade to the Collector rep position at anytime.

The Collector Rep position is a monthly cost of $100 on average. $50 goes to pay for the ISN Coins auto-ship and flagship product: The Ms69 American Silver Eagle. At the time this article is being written the silver spot price is $28.90+premium of on the average $3-$4. So right now the cost for 1 American Silver eagle is around $33-$34. The Ms69 Silver Eagle from ISN Coins is $50, $34 of that is Just the Silver Content, the $15 difference pays for the second value built into the coin as an MS69 Collectible Coin. So there is silver content value and collectible value in the coin. The Ms69 is among the most desired collectible coins in the world today.

At the end of the day! This company has hit the “price point” on the head.

Made it easy to break even with just 4 enrolled for the business.

Delivers a huge compensation payout and residual income paid weekly.

Has the most relevant product in the industry. “Real Money”

Runs great promotions, such as the promo ISN Coins is currently running from 1/19-2/28 2011. “Enroll two and get a free American Silver Eagle coin.” Wonderful Promo!

This was my attempt on providing a fair review on the question of why silver, and also on the ISN Coins business model, hopefully i’ve done it some justice. For a more in depth Overview of of ISN Coins visit the ISN Coins Review website here

Source by Adam Dimora

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