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Traffic is a topic in the internet circles that beginners have no idea of how to get. Believe it or not, I think you’ll see better, long term results from free marketing, as opposed to paid marketing. Paid marketing isn’t bad, but it’s like a job. Once you stop working, your income is dead. Similarly, once your paid advertising funds are over, your traffic is done. So how are you going to get more new traffic?

The answer is simple. There are 2 great ways to get free traffic, that can deliver a TON of unique views every single day. Are you curious as to what these 2 strategies are? Great! Because in today’s lesson, I’m going to share them with you. Let’s dive right into it. Here’s the first free way that you can use to get traffic back to your website.

1) Social networking sites

Sites like Twitter and Facebook are the 2 most popular social networking sites on the internet. A few years ago, was the most popular, but the 2 huge super giants has since propelled past Myspace to become dominate leaders in the marketplace. I think you can use these 2 sites to get free leads simply and easily.

On both of these sites, you want to develop a following. You need lots of people on your Twitter list and lots of people interacting with you on Facebook. The more people you get to join your Twitter and Facebook list, the more free traffic you will be getting from these people… assuming that you put up new information on your websites everyday.

I’m personally on both of these sites, and I see my Twitter list growing everyday automatically. I’m not even on a site like yet, and people are still subscribing like mad. My guess is that they go to Twitter’s “search box”, and search on a topic that is relevant to their niche. So when they type in “ internet marketing “, my name shows up, they view my content, and then they decide to follow me. It’s a simple plan.

Here’s another free way to get traffic to your website:

2) Social bookmarking

This is a free traffic strategy but is a little more complex. Some of the best social bookmarking sites are,, and No matter which one you use, your strategy should be the same. Gain friends, participate in their events, give their news a “thumbs up”, and help each other to get your news to the top of the results.

You can easily have a 100,000 hits day to your website using social bookmarking alone, but you have to put in the work to develop friends in your niche, and collaborate and help each other out. Plus it’s great for getting high quality backlinks for your website – which can boost your search engine rankings.

Both of these social media marketing strategies are easy, fun, and profitable. I would start with the Twitter and Facebook route, then migrate over to the social bookmarking route so that you can get familiar with everything. Use these techniques, and watch as your internet traffic explodes.

Good luck with using these tips to have more success in your online business today.

Source by Randall A Magwood

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