Interesting Facts And Features Of ECG Machines

An ECG or an Electrocardiography machine is a device which helps to detect abnormalities in the heart rate. These machines are available in different sizes and types. It is used in most of the heart care centers to detect the rate of heartbeat. These devices differ according to the usability features, amount of information displayed and portability features.

These machines produce a graph which displays signals. Doctors can easily read these signals and identify or interpret the abnormalities in the heart. Any type of cardiac abnormalities such as thickening of the walls, effects of certain drugs on the heart or blockages in the arteries can be easily identified with the use of these graphs. Some of these machines are designed to identify as well as record the real time heart rates of the patients. It can be used during heart surgeries too.

The majority of the modern machines are in-built with a wide number of useful features. It can monitor as well as record the heart rates. The device can identify myocardial infraction in a patient and determine whether the heart has sustained any heart injuries.

These life saving devices are characterized by certain features. It includes a set of electrode leads which are attached to the chest of the person to record the heart beat. These leads can also be attached to the legs and arms for better detection.

These machines also include various output devices such as computers, magnetic tapes, oscilloscopes and so forth. The final results are printed on a piece of paper in the form of a graph. The electrodes can easily detect the electrical impulses produced by the heart. There are various types of sizes of electrodes which can be used with these machines. It is important to understand the configurations of these electrodes before buying it. There are reusable electrodes which can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates.

Some of the stores also showcase washable electrodes which can be used over a long period of time. Some of the most common varieties of electrodes include active, passive, pointer, ecological and disposal.

There are various types of electrocardiogram machines made available quite easily these days. Apart from the large sized EKG machines used in hospitals and healthcare centers, there are small portable sized machines which can be used at home.

These portable devices are comparatively small in size and it can be used to evaluate the rate of heart beat quite easily. These portable machines have a small LCD display or screen. Some of these modern machines are even ingrained with additional features such as user alarms that can help to detect any type of abnormalities in the heart rate.

It is quite easy to use and operate portable electrocardiogram machines as it hardly requires any professional assistance. However, it is important to seek the assistance of a qualified medical practitioner to analyse the reports.

Various types of ECG machines can be bought from online stores at different and reasonable price rates. However, it is important to choose machines based on specific requirements.

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