Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rates With The Top Lead Generation Tips

The advancement of the internet has given the power to customers to choose their own experiences in the e-commerce world. They have the last say on whether they want to see an advertisement, click on, and read it or whether to make a purchase or not.

With so many choices in the hands of consumers, inbound marketers are often left wondering the ways to generate leads to their website. This makes it imperative for marketers to create advertisement and content that only merely attracts the consumer but also creates a sense of engagement among them. The need of a smart lead generation strategy is important for every e-business that wants to create value and experiences for its customer base.

Asking customers to sign up for newsletters, blog subscriptions, eBooks etc. is old fashioned. Here are some smart lead generation ideas that, along with traditional approaches, works wonders and lets you reap benefits of the money you are spending on advertisement and other lead generation tactics.

  • Call to Action button plays a vital role in the number of leads your website generates. However, many marketers pay little to no attention to the placement of the CTA button. It is necessary to begin your CTA placement tests by placing them where the visitor’s eyes will follow naturally. As per research, people often start looking at the upper left-hand corner of a web page moving in an F pattern. Therefore, it is advisable to experiment with your placement of CTA on the homepage, to make a marketing story of your own.
  • Pop up and slide in forms are a great way to attract visitors, especially if they offer some meaningful and relevant to what people are looking for on the website. When to insert a popup or a slide in form is of equal importance. One way to determine this is when a person scrolls down to read the rest of the content after a certain page percentage, marketers can insert pop up and slide in forms. Even a certain amount of time spent on the web page would determine the importance of customer’s visit and act as a vital point to introduce forms.
  • Social media has emerged as a strong platform to strategically increase your lead generation. Top notch marketers often make use of social media platforms for brand awareness, traffic generation and for promoting new blog posts and content. Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites, these social media platforms can be used effectively to post offers when linked to landing pages of the website. Another way of using these platforms is to introduce new campaigns and contests that can be fun for the followers and increase engagement.
  • A great way to support a new campaign launch is to create a launch post and other blog posts that are related to the topic. A website blog plays an important role in introducing a campaign launch, new products, and services as well as new content Blog posts are a god way to let your existing subscribers know about your brand and its happenings. A launch post should be brief yet captivating, thus pointing to the campaign and its important topics.
  • Including an end of post banner, CTA is a common feature for blog posts. However, putting anchor texts CTA is a highly effective way of lead generation. Blog posts that include both anchor text CTA and end of post-CTA tend to generate great leads.

These top tips will not only optimize your web pages but also increase your social presence, thus getting you more leads.

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