How To Write To Help Your Audience Achieve What They Want

Did you pay attention to the title? It says to achieve what they want… It does not say… what you think they want. That is probably the reason your audience is ignoring you and turning to somebody else

When you assume what they want at the bottom of their hearts you are triggering the worse disconnection with your audience. Moreover, once you mud your relationship that is not easy to amend

Not knowing your audience deepest feelings are just one of the most common roadblocks you can have to communicate and establish strong links of trust with your audience.

One of the main causes for this type of ignorance about your audience is not having a clear picture or avatar as well as the mind map that identifies what are those deepest wants in the hearts of your audience. What they really care is what they want… not what you think they want.

If you want to have a better idea of what I am talking about please Google it. There is a video of Eben Pagan on the subject.

There are some other material available on the matter, that if you are interested please leave your comments and I immediately will respond with more information on the subject.

If you do your homework and picture in your avatar and mind maps your best representation of your audience. You have created the best and easiest way of writing in a conversational mode that will empower the thrust of your audience and belief that you have in mind the best for their benefit.

What you are doing for your audience is once more reaffirming the values of the concept of preeminence exposed by Jay Abraham, where the needs and pains of your audience deserve your most efforts and dedication to offering real solutions that help them transition from their present situation to where they want to be

If you want to know, more about the concept of preeminence so well exposed by Jay Abraham please watch the YouTube video of Jay on the concept of Preeminence and its core meaning.

Once you watch it, you have to give some time to let it soak for a while because it will move some the basis that you have considered as rule of thumbs in your marketing and relationship with your audience

However, let us face it the way you have done it until now does not help your audience. You have stayed divorced from the needs and pains of your audience trying to pump product after product that does not respond or give solution to their problems

Most probably following the common and current ways of doing things where marketers keep hitting the inbox of their list every day with offers that do not help members of their audience to solve the problems that in principle took them to join the list.

Thus if you have ignored the deepest needs of your audience it is time to go back to square one and do your homework. Watch the videos on the preparation of avatars and mind maps that. Will help you to have the best image of the person you are serving at audience

Watch the video of Jay Abraham to see a different perspective to serve your audience and give them the VIP attention they deserve. I bet you, that if you do the changes to improve your knowledge about your audience. You will see improvements in your bottom line and soon you will be aspiring to the leagues of the top earners in the internet marketing business.

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