How to Write an Article – Write That First Sentence and Then Go From There

Don’t hesitate to begin writing an article. The hardest part of an article to write say many article writers is the first sentence.

You might feel that thinking of a title for your article or composing the body of the article is the hardest part. For most this is not true. Put that first sentence down on the blank page and then just keep writing.

Break it down.

The first sentence gives birth to your article, now it just has to grow. Yes break it down into segments. For the purpose of short article writing the breakdown could be something like the following.

1. The first sentence gives birth to the article and is the beginning of the introduction.

2. The introduction of the article is usually just one paragraph. The introduction leads into the body of the article.

3. The body of your article can be two or more paragraphs. The last sentence of the final paragraph of the body of your article should provide a natural lead in to your conclusion.

4. Your conclusion should summarize your article and move your reader to take action.

It’s as simple as that. Now, let’s discuss each segment of your article.

The first sentence.

You have an idea in your mind. There is a lot of information “rolling around” in there but you want to turn your knowledge into an article. Nothing happens on the blank paper or empty word processor screen until you start writing.

Don’t labor over this process just write that first sentence and continue to build from there. Once you get your article written you can edit it and rewrite what needs to be rewritten including that first sentence.

Here are some examples of first sentences that could be put down on a blank page to start the creative juices flowing. The article is going to be about how to wash a new car.

1. Here is what I know about how to wash a new car. (then you would just write down what you know. Stating it in the first paragraph, that is your introduction (why this article is necessary.) Or you might write as your first sentence…

2. The new car finish on your car deserves special care when you wash it. Or…

3. Do you want your new car to look new for years to come? (There are literally an endless number of “first sentences” you could come up with.)

After the first sentence you only need the second sentence, then the third sentence etc. etc. Now comes the body, finally the conclusion.

Yes when you break your article in to little bites instead of approaching it as one big project you will be turning out well-written articles in no time. From there you will find the leap from articles to reports to eBooks is not that big. You can do it.

Get started. Write that article. But, first, write that first sentence.

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