How to Win Back Your Asian Ex-Girlfriend

There are many “how to win back your ex-girlfriend” guides on the Internet, but if you find yourself in the aftermath of a relationship with an Asian girlfriend and want her back, the approach may be somewhat different. Hopefully, this article will help you salvage your relationship and maybe teach you a thing or two about inter-racial love, Asian women, and yourself.

First thing’s first. Just as in any problem worth tackling, you have to make your approach with a clear head, ready to look at things logically, not emotionally. That can be tremendously hard to do if you are suffering from a broken heart and are deep in emotional pain. Nobody will know but you if you’re ready to tackle the problem, just be aware that if you can’t think straight yet because of the pain, then you better put off finding a solution until a better day.

The truth is, no matter how painful a break-up has been, normal people recover. Think about all the times you’ve been broken-hearted in your life. You bounced back, didn’t you? So recognize the fact that you are in pain, know that the pain is only in your head (your heart isn’t really broken of course, or you’ll be dead), and thirdly, and perhaps most important, most of that pain, if not all of it, is self-pity. Instead of pitying yourself, get your act together and get on with life. You’ll have to move on sooner or later anyway, so might as well do it now.

Now that you’re thinking straight, you have an important question to decide on. Ask yourself: do you really want to pursue the relationship? Is it worth it? Don’t assume that the best thing to do now is work on winning her back. Instead, know first if you really want her back, and why. Get a piece of paper and write down, in two columns, the pros and cons of the relationship with your Asian girlfriend when it was still going well. We all do this assessment of things in our lives constantly, day to day, about all things. It’s how we make our decisions. In fact we get so used to it that we don’t pay attention anymore, and most of the things we decide on, we do on gut feel or from habit. Winning back your girlfriend is too important to do that way, so it makes the decision process much better when we write things down. It forces us to analyze more and get a better and more realistic grasp on things that matter.

Having done that, are you still intent on finding out how to win back your Asian ex-girlfriend? Good. Time to work on a plan. This is where the clear head comes in. Taking a fresh sheet of paper, write down, as honestly as you can, why you think the break-up happened in the first place. It can be one major argument that signaled the end of the relationship, but there may have been other things that led to the argument. Put on your analytical thinking cap, pretend that you’re a detective examining facts to get at a solution. Again, be totally, brutally honest. Was the problem something with you? Perhaps the way you treat her? Or maybe the problem is with your Asian girlfriend and the way she treats you.

Next, think of possible solutions to the problem. Think of real solutions, don’t just adjust to something you don’t like about her just to patch things up. If she cheats on you, don’t just say okay and turn a blind eye, thinking her conscience will make her stop. If you are the one who cheats, don’t just say you’ll never do it again because deep inside you know it will never work for the long term. Again, there is that possibility that maybe the best thing is not to be together.

Also, think of the time-frame you have to put your plan to work. Generally, the longer the relationship has lasted before you broke up with her, the longer the time you have to fix things. But don’t assume you have all the time in the world, you may as well assume that it really is better to be apart.

If you’re a Western man, having a girlfriend who grew up in an entirely different society and culture can mean a deep attitude change, a commitment to understand better how Asians think and tick, and how they are different from their Western counterparts. If you think you are ready to make that commitment, then you will be ready to win back your Asian ex-girlfriend, and make changes for the better.

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