How To Rank 10 Multi Level Marketing Opportunities?

To write a list of the top 10 multi level marketing companies is not that easy, everyone involved in MLM will have their own personal favourite company; it is usually the one they are participating in.

There are many things you will need to consider if you wanted to compile a list of the top ten MLM companies. The information listed here is only my opinion and not to be taken as gospel.

Three of the characteristics I believe a company should have to even be considered for a top 10 list are.

A company that is less than five years old should not be in the top ten.

Some people would say that an opportunity in pre launch is the best to join. Many consider these to be ground floor opportunities where they stand a much better chance of success by getting in early.

This is not the case and many people are misguided on what actually constitutes a ground floor opportunity. A ground floor opportunity is considered to be when the number of distributors in your area is less than half of a percent of the total population. Not when the company is just starting out.

Many companies fail or go bankrupt with in the first three to five years, and if you join the company in the very early stages then you risk wasting both money and lots of time. If a company you join in the very early stages was to go bankrupt after only a year you would lose your product and supplier and would have wasted countless hours marketing and promoting that business.

This is why joining a company that is at least five years old is a much safer bet for you. Remember, it does not have to be a start up to be a ground floor opportunity. So if it is not at least five years old it should not be considered for the top 10 multi level marketing companies list.

A company must be financially secure.

I have said that it is best to join a company that is at least five years old, however, simply because it is five years old does not mean it is a stable company. One main cause for any company going bankrupt is a lack of funding or high debts. If the company you are joining is in financial difficulty then it is a good bet to stay away as they may be on the verge of closing down and you stand to lose your money. If a company is not financially secure or debt free than it should not be considered for the top ten lists.

Reasonably priced & Mass Marketable Product

Finally I think for a company to be considered as a top 10 multi level marketing company is must have a mass marketable product. By mass marketable I mean a product that is purchased on a regular basis by a significant percentage of the population. The product must be reasonably priced to make it affordable by a large number of the population.

For example

A lottery based MLM product is very marketable; this is a product in the form of a ticket (either tangible-offline or digital-online) that is purchase by more than eighty percent of the population on a weekly basis. It is a product people are very familiar with, usually costs less than one pound, making it highly affordable.

For a company to stand a chance of being in the list of top 10 multi level marketing companies its product must be mass marketable.

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