How to Maximize Body Language Into Your Presentation

A vital and visible part of your presentation is the use of body language. It can be a factor to make or break a public speaker. Body language can be used to deliver your message with power. It helps to support what you have said in your speech or it can distract and cause you to lose your audience. If your body language denies your belief in the message you are presenting, you will come off as less credible and fail in your efforts at public speaker.

Confidence Equals an Effective Presentation

Displaying confidence and sincerity are the fundamental traits of a good public speaker. Your body language can give the impression you are not sincere or confidant as a public speaker. Insincerity can affect your credibility with your audience and have a negative impact on them receiving the message. The tone of your message should be relaxed and conversational. Once your voice has accomplished that tone your body should follow in relaxing as well. You want to deliver a strong, powerful, and passionate speech and your body should convey those traits also.

The message of your speech should be alert and enthusiastic; your body language should send the same message to your audience. Make sure your hands are not distracting by being aware of their placement during your speech. Avoid jingling change in your pocket, clicking a pen, playing with a button, necklace, or tie. Be aware of how you are holding the microphone and avoid using rude gestures when public speaking. You want to keep you audience focused on the message and not be distracted. By paying attention and avoiding the listed suggestions you will not annoy or distract your audience.

Use your hands to support the speech and get the attention back to the message. In the mastering of the art of using body language in public speaking, the hands help in conveying the message so that it has an impact with the audience. The gestures you use should be natural and not mechanical. By making natural gestures your body helps to support the message of the speech. Make sure not to make the same gestures over and over but utilize this technique to add emphasis to your speech in the beginning and limit the use of gestures thereafter.

The Importance of Practicing Gesture

To get used to using gestures while public speaking join a speaking club where you will receive additional training and be able to practice your use of gestures in a supportive environment. This will help you feel more comfortable in using gesture and more confident. Gestures used above the shoulders helps to convey spiritual or uplifting messages in public speaking. Ordinary messages are conveyed by gestures located in the middle of the body. To bring emphasis to a despicable or negative messages one would use the area below the waistline for gesturing.

Use of the Palms

When making public speeches hold the palms upwards and also outwards to offer support, request a response, communicate openness with the audience, and to make supplication during your speech. The palms can be use to symbolize division when they are held with the smallest finger down. The fist is a symbol of power that indicates passion or strength, and can even be used to symbolize a threat. Take good care to how your body language is displayed when you point a finger when speaking publicly. If it appears you are singling out a person or accusing a person, the audience will not respond positively to your message.

Clothing and Attire

Beware of wearing clothing that can distract from the message you are conveying. If your clothing is unusual or gaudy, and your bracelet clinks, or tie or scarf distracting you can lose the attention of the audience. Instead of listening they will be wondering “Why did they choose to wear that?” Don’t allow your clothes to become the area of focus or your message will be lost on the crowd.

Use Presence for Emphasis

The way you walk on the stage and stand at the podium reflects how confident you are during public speaking. This is another reason why body language is important. You need to learn how to be passionate when speaking and yet stand still for emphasis when speaking publicly. You can make an impact with the audience by standing still and pausing in your speech for dramatic effect. You want your movements to coincide with the message for the message to be effective to your audience.

Timing of your movements will be able to help as a new idea is brought out in your speech. Every aspect of you body language should be in sync with the movement as you give your speech. Your facial expression should also be in harmony with your message.

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