How to Get Free Network Marketing Leads

Is there such a thing as free network marketing leads?

NO, is the real answer.

There is a COST to everything you do. If you’re not paying with money you will be paying by some other means, this is usually TIME. Time to many is more valuable than money. There is no limit to how much money you can make in 24 hours, but there will only every be 24 hours in a day. In this article I will giving you examples of how you can get free network marketing leads without paying money for them.

Armed with the knowledge that you are entering the the realms of trading money for time, you have to appreciate that results from any free marketing methods may take longer to come to fruition. Let’s look at some methods which can be used to get cash free leads.

1.  Articles. Writing articles about what you know to do with your product or service will cost you no money. Submit your articles to ezines (online magazines) such as the one you are reading now. In your article remember to put who you are and have a link going to your desired lead capture page.

2.  Video Marketing. Using the same knowledge that you will be putting in your articles you can make a quick 2 minute video on your chosen topic. I say 2 minutes as you have to bare in mind peoples attention span. In a video you want to deliver what the viewer wants as soon as possible. Again in the video say who you are and give the viewer a call to action, tell them what you want them to do and where they need to do it.

3. Press Releases. A press release is an announcement or explanation of a product or service, they are typically 2 paragraphs to a page long with your details at the bottom. Your press release needs to be well scripted to grab the readers attention. Use bullet points to express the key benefits for your product or service. Give the reader enough information without getting into too much detail, this way if they want more information they will have to contact you.

Before I continue, allow me to add more value to the above methods. Once you have written your article’s, press release’s or made your video’s it would be wise to submit these on as many websites as possible. Leveraging your content is the perfect way of doing this. Having one piece of content which is displayed on many, in some cases hundreds of different sites, widens your ‘internet real estate’, brands you and drives traffic to your capture pages.

Let’s get on with it.

4.  Classified Ads. Much like what you see in the back of a newspaper/magazine or similar to sponsored pay per click ads on various search engines, there are websites which you can freely submit your classified ads to. Keep them short, have a killer headline, with some punchy bi-copy and a link back to your capture pages.

5.  Social Media Marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, BetterNetworker, LinkedIn to name just a few are brilliant places to gain free network marketing leads. The key to social media marketing is to be sociable. I wouldn’t suggest adding tons of friends and throwing them the link to your capture page straight away. For best results you need to build relationships with people. Once a rapor has developed you will be in a better position to expose your group of friends to your opportunity.

6.  Blogs. Have a blog which further helps to brand you or which is about your product or service or both! A blog is a good way to centralise and control your traffic. From your article’s, press release’s, video’s etc there can be a link which directs back to your blog. Linking back to your blog will vastly increase its ranking in search engines which obviously increases the value of your internet real estate. Continue to give valuable information on your blog, get people to comment on your posts, have opt-in forms on your blog and keep your blog active, update it 2-3 times minimum a week.

If you actively do all the above, over time you will start to see the results. Don’t expect to put up and a piece of content today and tomorrow get 100’s of leads from it. That won’t happen! In time though that piece of content could generate you 100’s / 1000’s of free leads.

I must stress again that using any of these methods to gain free network marketing leads involves and consumes a lot of your time. But it is an excellent way of branding yourself and increasing your internet real estate. Content is king, and the more quality content you have out there working for you the more leads you are going to acquire.

Once you have some content up and leveraged it will be there for as long as the website it has been submitted to is there, so you can be gaining free network marketing leads 1 year, 2 years 5 years from now from just one piece of content you submitted all that time ago.

To your time well spent


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