How to Get Better Retweet Rank on Twitter

“Retweet” or “RT” is a simple way of rebroadcast your friends message and giving credits to your friends on Twitter. That means if your friends retweet for you, they are spreading your messages and your names on Twitter to their followers and so you will become more popular among thousands of users on Twitter. However, how to get other people retweet for you is a challenging task. I know many people create more than one Twitter accounts and retweet themselves, but this is not the way that I am going to teach you, because your Twitter accounts may get suspended one day if you do that.

First of all, find the people that will play this retweeting game on Twitter. Who are they and where to get them? The easiest and fastest way is from itself. I think you should know that added a new “retweet” feature in last few months. You can actually see the messages that are being retweeted by other people. You will know the messages that those people like to share on Twitter and whether you can join them. Those who retweet for others are the good person that you have to follow on Twitter because they read tweets.

Secondly, you need to tweet of cause, but not to tweet nonsense. You are not encouraged to tweet about your daily life too often, such as watching television or drinking coffee, because nobody will bother about that unless they are your close friends. Try to share more interesting and meaningful tweets on Twitter. Even if you want to promote your business, do not put all your tweets with promotion links only, your followers will not love that. You yourself will definitely hate to be filled with advertisement everyday, won’t you? So, try to tweet what you love to read on Twitter, and also what you think that your friends will love. Funny videos, for example are always suitable for all people. Of cause, it will be much better if you and your followers are sharing similar interests or hobbies, then you can have more things to tweet.

Thirdly, start to retweet for others before you want to receive the retweets. This is a lesson of giving and receiving. Start to give credits to your friends on Twitter by retweeting for them. You are following those people who will retweet for others, and they will retweet for you definitely, if your tweets are attractive and worth to share. Generous person will receive more retweets, this is true from my observation. When you start to retweet for others, you will experience the excitement on Twitter from your friends that retweet for you because you know that they love your tweets.

Conclusion, retweet for others is good, but you can not overdo it also because your followers may find you are frustrating and unfollow you. Try to mix your tweets with different kind of messages so that your followers will likely to read your tweets.

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