How To Devise A Master Marketing Plan For Any Startup Business

Most people want to be successful, but few plan to be. That’s right, very few people take the time to plan. The most important thing you can do right now is sit down and start developing a MARKETING PLAN. You can either attend entrepreneurship seminars or read your own selection of books, or get your own business coach or entrepreneurship coach if you want.

Most people fail or just muddle along because they don’t have a plan or even any goals. Decide now to make a detailed plan of what you want to do and how you’re going to do it. If you say " I want to make more money" or "I want to be rich" or "I want to have sales of $25,000 per month", that is not a plan.

A plan is much more detailed and specific. It will have certain targets and a date to reach them. For example, you may set a sales goal of so many installations or service calls per week. I prefer to set goals in terms of net profit. Gross profit goals really don’t tell you how well you’re doing so use net profit.

Now, if you know your average net per sale (most people don’t know this. If you do, you are already ahead of the game), you can work backwards to how many sales you need. Next, either increase your number of sales per week or your net profit per sale for your goal.

Next, you need to develop a strategy for making these numbers. Such as how you will advertise, how you will get referrals, how you will get repeat business, and so on. This is your marketing plan and that is where you use the strategies. Now, pick out five ideas from your own ideas book that will help you make your goal. Set goals on a weekly basis and as you achieve them raise them for the next week. This way you will continually improve and so will your income. Don’t panic if you have a bad week, we all do every now and then. Just get right back on the track the next week.

Get to know the numbers for your business. Things such as net profit per sale, net profit per service call, how much it costs to get a new client, and so on. These numbers are critical for knowing where you are and if you’re improving. Take some time every week to plan. This is critical for you to improve. It only takes about 15 to 30 minutes once you get into the habit. Review the previous week and set the current week’s goals. If you do this and nothing else in this manual below, you can easily double your income.

Source by Imran Md Ali

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